Compact high-performance W 220 milling machine completes Wirtgen range

Development of the new generation of Wirtgen large milling machines has now been completed with the launch of the W 220. Just like the successfully established W 150, W 200, W 210 and W 250 cold milling machines, the new W 220 excels with more than 80 innovative features. All in all, the host of new developments produces maximum milling output with low operating costs. At the same time, the machine operator benefits from extremely comfortable machine operation. All large milling machines of the new generation are also extremely adaptable to the milling task at hand.

The combined power of the new generation of Wirtgen large milling machines times five: W 150, W 200, W 210, W 220 and W 250.

The combined power of the new generation of Wirtgen large milling machines times five: W 150, W 200, W 210, W 220 and W 250.

W 220 – Compact high-performance milling machine

With its powerful 571 kW / 766 HP / 777 PS engine, the W 220 is clearly at home in the high-performance milling machine segment. Up to 900 tonnes of asphalt can be reclaimed per hour in non-stop operation under optimal jobsite conditions. And the dimensions and weight of the W 220 have been systematically designed for trouble-free transportation. The basic version of the new large milling machine is equipped with a 2.20 m milling drum unit. An optional interchangeable unit is also available with a milling width of 2.50 m. The maximum milling depth for both milling drum units is 35 cm. The W 220 also comes with Wirtgen’s smart machine control system, WIDRIVE, which not only eases the operator’s workload, but also guarantees fuel-saving and eco-friendly milling.

Wirtgen offers large milling machines in all weight and milling output classes

The new generation of Wirtgen cold milling machines, consisting of the W 150, W 200, W 210, W 220 and W 250, covers a broad spectrum of useful milling widths ranging from 1.20 m to 4.40 m. The proven FCS Light system (Flexible Cutter System) allows the most diverse milling tasks to be executed with various milling drum configurations quickly and optimally adapted to the relevant application. Milling depths up to 35 cm are possible.
Today, the versatility of Wirtgen cold milling machines extends beyond the layer-by-layer removal of asphalt or concrete roads, also encompassing the roughening of surfaces, the creation of level surfaces with millimetre precision, substrate levelling and the removal of tunnel floors.

Automatic machine alignment with PTS

Large milling machines are automatically aligned parallel to the road surface by means of PTS. PTS stands for Parallel to Surface and the system ensures simple, accurate operation of the machine in demanding profiling jobs. PTS also assists the operator when positioning the machine in the milled cut to initiate the milling process. In automatic mode, the system takes care of all the steps that the operator would otherwise need to select individually. The need for tiresome corrections is eliminated. The operator activates the Level Pro level control system at the push of a button, and all crawler track units simultaneously lower the large milling machine at high speed. When the milling drum unit reaches the surface to be milled, the lowering speed is reduced and the milling drum slowly mills down to the set depth. This automatic process helps to prevent excessive cutting tool wear or even tool failure when commencing the milling operation.
The same applies when large milling machines have to be aligned transverse to the direction of travel. In many cases, cold milling machines need to overcome significant differences in elevation when being moved into or out of the milled cut. The integrated 4-fold full-floating axle balances out all four track units quickly and reliably to minimize the machine’s lateral inclination. This gives the large milling machines a high degree of stability while the operator enjoys a pleasant driving experience.

Intelligent speed control for maximum traction

The ISC system, which is short for Intelligent Speed Control, truly comes into its own in highly demanding milling jobs. Just like the traction control system of a car, ISC prevents crawler track slip and ensures perfect traction for all track units to achieve maximum milling performance. This in turn reduces track pad wear. When negotiating bends, the ISC system automatically increases the speed of the outer crawler tracks to match the steering angle. As a result, even extremely narrow bends can be milled using the all-track drive. Automatic adjustment of the advance speed to match the diesel engine load ensures maximum performance yet quiet operation of the machine at all times.

VCS – Vacuum Cutting System makes working a pleasure

Particular attention was paid to the health and well-being of the operating crew when designing the new generation of large milling machines. This is why the cold milling machine can be fitted with the Vacuum Cutting System (VCS) to extract fine material particles. The principle is simple: by creating negative pressure in the drum housing, the mix of air and water vapour is evacuated and then fed back into the flow of the milled material on the conveyor via a hose system. It goes without saying that better air quality and visibility in the working areas of the machine operator and ground crew significantly improve operator comfort and boost performance.

Dual Engine Concept significantly reduces fuel consumption

The drive design of the W 210 and W 250 presented by Wirtgen GmbH is a unique innovation in the field of cold milling machine technology. The use of two diesel engines yields the unique advantage of the operator being able to utilize the engine power selectively, depending on the specific job requirements. Machine users thus benefit significantly from a fuel cost reduction of up to 25% compared to conventional drive technology. Situations on job sites often differ wildly: on one particular day, a large milling machine requires the maximum possible engine power as it needs to work at a milling depth of 30 cm, while on the next job, high area performance at a low milling depth of only 4 cm might be called for. The full power of the two engines is used for the large milling depth, whereas one engine is sufficient when working at a depth of just 4 cm. The second engine can be switched on and off as required. If the second engine is switched on, it automatically runs in the speed range of the first engine.
This drive design is also truly environmentally friendly. Using only one engine in less demanding conditions results in correspondingly lower exhaust and noise emissions, which protects both the machine operator and the environment.

“Operator Comfort System” – The effective operating alternative for large milling machines

With the “Operator Comfort System”, or OCS for short, Wirtgen has set new standards in terms of driving convenience and user-friendliness for large milling machines. The hydraulically displaceable and swivelling cabin is a key element of OCS: it can bring the machine operator into the position with maximum visibility quickly and efficiently. And the cabin’s high-quality interior leaves nothing to be desired: camera transmission, precise joystick control and a powerful automatic air conditioning system provide an optimal working environment, regardless of weather conditions. The Operator Comfort System for Wirtgen large milling machines of the new generation (W 200, W 210, W 220 and W 250) is available as an alternative to the standard operator’s platform with driver’s seat.
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