Award-winning: iF Design Award 2016 for Hamm H CompactLine compactors

The compactors in the Hamm H CompactLine are efficient, agile and powerful. At the same time, they can be operated ergonomically and intuitively. This was also the very same conclusion reached by the jurors of the iF International Forum Design in awarding the H CompactLine the iF Design Award 2016 in February 2016. For Hamm, this is the 30th design award. It makes the roller manufacturer from Tirschenreuth the undisputed leader in the construction sector.

Design award in the automobile / vehicles category

For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has been an acknowledged trademark for exceptional design and it ranks among the world’s most prestigious design prizes. In the 2016 competition, the international jury of eminent experts had to examine and assess more than 5,000 submissions from 53 countries, before awarding the coveted seal of approval. Only the best products were ultimately accoladed with one of the coveted 2016 iF Design Awards. Among them were the Hamm H CompactLine compactors, entered in the Automobile / Vehicles category.

Award winning: the intuitive operation

As well as an excellent design, the winning products at the iF Design Award also exhibit an outstanding visualisation of the intended use. This is particularly apparent in an intuitive operation. Here, Hamm was able to score with a clear, language-neutral and logically structured operating concept. Moreover, Hamm impressed the designers with the modular operator’s platform. Thanks to its modular system structure, it enables widely differing configuration levels from an open platform to an air-conditioned cabin.

Award-winning construction machines: The smaller compactors in the Hamm H CompactLine were awarded the iF Design Award 2016.

Award-winning construction machines: The smaller compactors in the Hamm H CompactLine were awarded the iF Design Award 2016.

Highly innovative compactor

Another aspect taken into account in awarding the prize is the degree of innovation. Here, Hamm was able to demonstrate an impressive new power train concept that allows the smaller compactors with weights of 4.5 and 8 t to be constructed with extremely short lengths. The compact shape was made possible through the use of wheel motors instead of a rear axle. This enables the compactors to deliver high quality work even in restricted spaces.

30 design awards in 20 years

Hamm Marketing Manager Gottfried Beer is delighted with the award for the newly developed H CompactLine. What is particularly gratifying for him is the fact that since Hamm became the first construction equipment manufacturer to win a design prize in 1996, all of the company’s new developments have received awards for their high quality, trend-setting design. Gottfried Beer mentions one of the reasons: “In addition to the technical requirements, ergonomics and ease of operation are uppermost on our agenda.” Dr. Axel Römer, Head of Development and Design, adds: “We involve the product designers in the design process from the outset. In this way we reconcile engineering and ergonomics and give the functionality an appealing form through the product design.”

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