SVAB launches Tool Recognition system

SVAB the global market leader for tiltrotator control system launched Quantum Tool Recognition on April 26, at the international product launch day held together with it’s sister company Steelwrist.

Quantum Tool Recognition is a new work tool management system and a part of the new Quantum control system platform.

The demand for increased efficiency is constantly rising and as a result both excavators, work tools and machine control systems are becoming more intelligent. With Quantum Tool Recognition, small, robust and cost efficient tool modules add a new level of intelligence to work tools.

Modules then communicate via the Quantum platform with the excavator or the environment so that the excavator automatically can detect which work tool that is being connected, where the different work tools are located or when a work tool needs maintenance.

The basic idea behind Quantum Tool Recognition is a system that wirelessly detects and identifies a tool used on the machine. Photo by

The tool recognition part of the Quantum platform consists of wireless battery powered tool units that communicate with a communication module in the cabin. Battery lifetime is expected to last five years.

The Quantum platform can communicate with external machine control systems like Leica Geosystems or Trimble. With automatic tool recognition the operator does not need to manually enter the correct work tool into the system, something that today is one of the major reasons why the Machine Control System do not have correct settings. As a result rework due to wrong parameters can be eliminated.

“The goal with the project has been to develop a solution that is simple to install and use. It must be robust, cost effective and should have no subscription fees”, says Markus Nilsson, Steelwrist CTO who has been co-developing Quantum Tool Recognition.

“Another customer request that we have solved with Quantum Tool Recognition is when work tools are distributed over the job site and there is a change of operator. The new operator does not always know where the previous operator placed the work tool before he went home for the day. Now the new operator can just log into the Quantum app and see where the previous driver have placed any work tool”, says Henrik Risberg, CTO of SVAB.

The new operator can just log into the Quantum app and see where the previous driver have placed any work tool. Photo by

Quantum tool recognition can also give the excavator operator or owner alerts when a certain work tool has been used for a certain time and when it is time for maintenance. It can also help the operator to remember when the maintenance was last done as alerts and maintenance confirmations can be tracked.

Quantum Tool Recognition will be sold stand-alone and will work on all excavators independent of control system. With integration to SVABs Quantum platform it will support automatic settings depending on which tool is connected.

The Quantum Tool Recognition platform from SVAB will first be displayed at the MaskinExpo fair in Stockholm, May 18-20, 2017. Tool recognition is now in field tests and serial deliveries will start during the autumn 2017.

About Svab Hydraulik AB (SVAB)

SVAB develops products and efficiency functions for excavators consisting of control, communication, joysticks, sensors and actuators. Products development takes place both through own innovative development and in close cooperation with the customer. The customers are manufacturers and distributors of excavators and equipment.

Since 2002 SVAB has delivered over 45 000 systems for tiltrotator control and is the market leader in that area.SVAB is quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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