Magni’s rotating telehandler range is able to perform the role of both a high-capacity forklift and a site crane, with the added versatility of having a wide range of attachments. According to Tony Lockwood, Telehandler Product Manager for CEA, these telescopic handlers are built to the best standards in terms of quality, safety, reliability and versatility.


Magni telehandler safety is achieved through enhanced visibility, an excellent operator driving position, advanced speed accuracy controls, precise hydraulic movements and accidental collision protection.
The cabin has been developed for the safety and comfort of the operator to make manoeuvring the machine safe and simple.” says Tony.  “The cabin has full visibility thanks to a large windshield that allows the operator to look at the load even when it is suspended on its head and also when the boom is completely lowered.” He adds, “A movable steering column allows the operator to get in and out easily and to achieve an excellent driving position.
Speed accuracy is regulated by a hydrostatic transmission and variable displacement pump (with 500 bar working pressure). “Magni’s software manages the flow sharing system to ensure more precise and safe hydraulic movements,” says Tony. Attachment recognition built into the operating systems on the Magni’s gives the operator a clear view of the position and capacity of their load at all times and stopping the machine from working outside its working envelope. He adds, “Steering cylinders on the axles, epicyclic reduction and oil-immersed multi-disc brakes protect from accidental collision.


An integrated diagnostic system helps the technician to find problems on the electrical circuit to reduce trouble shooting time and improve machine reliability. “The electronic management of the transmission allows for a longer life for components and reduces fuel consumption by 10-15%,” says Tony.


Magni Telehandlers are versatile and can operate in rough terrain due to their powerful hydrostatic transmission, 4 wheel drive, 2 speed forward/ reverse and rear tilting and different steering modes.
The fully enclosed and airtight cab is pressurized with 100% inlet air filtration and has air conditioning,” says Tony. “This allows Magni telehandlers to work in polluted environments with filtered air entering the cabin.” He adds, “The quick fit system is a dedicated hooking system to the accessory that grants a rapid, solid and efficient coupling. Once recognized the mounted attachment, automatically sets load limits increasing the safety while working. Pivoting and scissor outriggers can be used for confined jobsites.”
Magni rotating telehandlers can handle up to 6 tonne lifting capacity and 46 metres reach.