Tutt Bryant Group reaches its 80th Anniversary

In 1938, an enterprising young man by the name of Leo Edward Tutt established L. Tutt & Co. Pty Ltd in Sydney to sell earthmoving equipment. Eventually he was joined by George Edward Bryant, and the company – Tutt Bryant Limited – became one of Australia’s most iconic and enduring construction equipment sales, manufacturing and distribution businesses.

For the last 80 years, construction plant and equipment from Tutt Bryant have been used to reshape the face of Australia. In the post-war reconstruction and nation-building era, the company played a vital role in supplying machines used in the creation of the Snowy Mountains scheme through to digging of post holes for the fencing around countless Australian properties.
Today, as a leading equipment sales and industrial hire service provider, Tutt Bryant continues the rich tradition of providing our customers with quality, well-built and well-maintained equipment, backed by a service-oriented network of workshops, expert technicians and support infrastructure.
“Tutt Bryant’s remarkable journey over the last 80 years mirrors Australia’s post-war story of resilience, ingenuity and success,” said Chen Wei Ng, Managing Director of Tutt Bryant.
“Generations of Australian men and women involved in the construction equipment industry have come to know Tutt Bryant for the excellence in its products and services. For this distinction to be maintained through the decades is tribute to the vision and pioneering spirits of Messrs Tutt and Bryant, as well as the dedication and hard work of all our staff, past and present.”
“As Australia embarks on its next phase of nation-building projects, Tutt Bryant stands ready – as we have always been for the last 80 years – to help reshape the face of Australia.”

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