JCB launches the 5CX WasteMaster backhoe: powerful and productive

The all-new JCB 5CX WasteMaster backhoe is quite simply the most powerful and productive JCB backhoe loader ever made. Expanding on JCB’s world-leading backhoe range, the 5CX has all the engine power, torque, tractive effort and pushing power you could need for the most arduous waste rehandling applications, as well as unbeatable loading, rehandling, roading and hill climbing performance.


A large 1.4m³ shovel and massive 6590kgf shovel breakout makes rehandling faster. All-wheel-steer offers great on-site manoeuvrability. There’s a 6.51m dig depth – the deepest on any JCB backhoe loader. The 5CX backhoe can be used in a variety of waste applications using many different attachments.


The chassis on the 5CX backhoe is specially designed and heavy-duty. The backhoe’s front axle mount is reinforced to handle huge lifting forces. High ground clearance makes for superb performance on uneven ground. Heavy-duty arms, reinforced around the pins and shovel, handle massive reach. A cushioned ram allows smooth operation and provides excellent load retention. JCB uses precision design techniques like finite element analysis to make their backhoes stronger. 25,000kg static load axles are designed to tolerate the very largest loads. Inboard oil immersed brakes are powerful, efficient and low maintenance. JCB’s DIESELMAX engine and transmission are tried and trusted over hundreds of thousands of hours.

Operating Environment

The 87kW (118hp) DIESELMAX engine is the most powerful ever fitted to a JCB backhoe loader. Limited Slip Differentials increase traction and make power delivery more efficient. Low ratio 1st and 2nd gears provide superb pushing power and the ability to effortlessly push and tow transfer waste bins around site. Six gears provide smooth changes and good fuel efficiency. There’s an automatic change from 4th to 6th gears. A kickdown switch gives extra power when loading. JCB’s unique Smoothride suspension system improves load retention and operator comfort in the 5CX backhoe. The interior is inspired by the automotive industry for familiar ergonomics. Stopping at nothing Power brakes allow efficient, safe stopping power for low pedal effort. Stopping is always predictable and controlled. JCB’s patented TorqueLock feature reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% when roading. Efficiency gains from TorqueLock means up to 10% shorter travel times.

Unique Purpose Built attachments

The 5CX WasteMaster backhoe is available with a vast variety of specialist attachments specifically developed for waste rehandling.

6-in-1 shovel backhoe 6-in-1 Shovel
A 6-in-1 multi-purpose shovel offers a variety of uses from loading, digging, dozing, grading and grabbing for a
Multitude of tasks around the facility.
Stabiliser Legs backhoe Stabiliser Legs
Integrated front mounted stabiliser legs in tandem with longer rear stabiliser legs allowing the backhoe to operate over high sided waste skips offering the operator excellent visibility into the skips.
Waste Multishovel backhoe Waste Multishovel
This attachment has integrated stabiliser legs for great visibility and reach during compaction, sorting and loading with the excavator end, while allowing stockpiling and rehandling with the bucket and top grab at the flick of a switch.
Front Hook Lift Frame backhoe Hook Lift Frame
Designed to move containers and skip bins, the hook lift also includes integrated stabilisers to raise the height of the machine.
Sweeper collector backhoe Sweeper Collector
A backhoe sweeper collector attachment can be quickly interchanged with any loader attachment to help keep the site clean, presentable and tidy for the general public to use.
JCB Quickhitch backhoe Quickhitch
All of the 5CX Wastemaster’s backhoes attachments are quickhitch-compatible for fast changes. The quickhitch’s heavy- duty design maximises performance and durability. The hitch features JCB’s patented integral forks mounted behind the bucket so are available at all times.
hydraulic jaw bucket backhoe Jaw Bucket
The hydraulically operated jaw bucket is excellent for picking, sorting or compacting materials. It can pick up and place large items, or compact materials to maximise loads.
Compacter wheel backhoe Compacter Wheel
This popular attachment is ideal for compacting materials in containers, maximising loads and improving general efficiency on site.

Advanced Easy Control Servo

  • Seat-mounted excavator style controls
  • Door interlock alarm and emergency steps
  • Heated air suspension seat
  • Heated front screen
  • Air conditioning with cool box
  • Coffee machine

For more information on the 5CX backhoe or backhoe loaders please contact your local dealer on 1300 522 232
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