According to JCB Some excavators are always operated in the heavy work mode which uses the most fuel. By using integrated work modes, you can improve your productivity with less fuel.
JCB makes this easy for excavator operators with linked work modes and engine RPM ranges. Work modes can be changed through a single dial for hydraulic flow and engine speed.

Step 1: Learn your Excavator Work Modes

Mode # of Setting Available RPM Range Use Benefit
Idle (I) 0 800 – 1000 Excavator is inactive Reduced fuel consumption
Lifting L,1-3 1200 – 1300 Lifting Duty, Maximum Pressure, reduced RPM / Flow Precision Lifting and improved fuel efficiency
General (G) G,1-3 1400 – 1700 Excavation and digging Balance between productivity and fuel efficiency
Heavy (H) H & H+ 1900 – 2000 Loading and hard terrain digging Increased power and pump flow for fast cycle times

JCB DIESELMAX engines produce high torque at just 1500 –1600 rpm, making for improved fuel-efficient matching of the hydraulics.

Step 2: Use Auto-Idle

Set up your excavator to go into auto-idle mode if the joystick isn’t used for more than five seconds, auto idle time can be adjusted up or down.

Step 3: Monitor Excavator Work Modes

You can monitor your work modes using telematics and make changes as required.

JCB Excavators

When it comes to designing excavators JCB believes in built-in excellence. They approach their excavator machine in typical JCB style – by striving for maximum performance, strength, comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity.
JCB believes that one of the most important principles of designing hydraulic excavators successfully is the importance of putting the operator at the heart of the design. That means making the excavators as easy, productive, safe and fatigue-free as possible. In accordance with this principle, JCB designs some of the most spacious, comfortable cabs in the business, with intuitive controls, high visibility levels, plenty of stowage areas, low noise levels and low vibration.

JCB Excavator Work Modes

JCB Excavator Work Modes
Powers L1, L2 and L3 are for precision and lifting operations. These powers give you low hydraulic pump flow but permanent high pressure. This allows a precise control of the services for accuracy when lifting duties are required.
Work modes G1, G2 and G3 are for general operations. These modes have increased engine speed, increased hydraulic pump flow without permanent power boost. The G modes are for general digging and loading work with good fuel efficiency, power boost is selectable. Each power boost will give you 3s of higher hydraulic power for extra tearout. Once the 3s has elapsed the system will automatically deactivate for 9s, this is an additional fuel saving measure.
Power H is for heavy duty operations. Fuel economy is reduced. High speed operation of all hydraulic functions/ services is enabled. Selectable power boost is also available as per general mode.
H+ is for very heavy digging or increased work output.
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