The Minetruck MT2200 is based on our very successful Minetruck MT2010, so safety and reliability are built in from the beginning,” says Erik Gert, Global Product Manager at Epiroc. Besides innovative safety essentials and a compact design that is ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces, the new Minetruck MT2200 incorporates other winning characteristic from its forerunner, including easy access to service points and ergonomic seating and controls for optimal operator comfort. The sturdy Minetruck MT2200 can also reach fast incline speeds to ramp up an operation’s productivity.
Epiroc offers a full portfolio of state-of-the-art mining equipment including both diesel-driven and battery-powered drill rigs, loaders, ground support machinery and underground vehicles. “We work closely with our customers. We talk to miners on site to ascertain what they really need and want in a truck,” relates Erik. “That’s why you can trust Epiroc for a mine truck you can depend on. Our hands-on experience makes all the difference.