Komatsu updates the kowa oil analysis sample kits

Komatsu has announced new arrangements for those users of its KOWA oil analysis sample kit who return samples to the company by mail, because of new regulations imposed by Australia Post.

For the past 18 years, Komatsu has used Australia Post’s Reply Paid parcel service, but this service has been discontinued by Australia Post. In addition, Australia Post no longer allows the return of individual KOWA samples.
 In the past, you may have mailed your blue canister, however under new Australia Post regulations you must mail in the provided EParcel (Australia Posts’ online delivery system) satchel.
These changes only apply to KOWA users returning samples by mail; those using courier services will not see any changes to the arrangements, said Stephen Clarke, Komatsu’s National Manager – Condition Monitoring Service.
“These new arrangements have resulted in some minor changes to the way KOWA samples are returned to the company via mail,” he said.
These changes are:

  • KOWA sample have been rebranded yellow, and with the return address removed.
  • The KOWA kits now have a note requesting they be posted in a provided EParcel satchel printed on the canister.
  • Prepaid EParcel mailing satchels are provided with the KOWA kits.
  • Customers who need additional EParcel mailing satchels can contact either their local Komatsu office or call 1300 566 287.

Stephen said it is essential that KOWA customers sign the Express Post declaration on the sample satchel, otherwise it will travel by road freight and not air freight.
“Customers can assist us with this transition, and minimise disruption to their KOWA analysis program, by using the existing EParcel satchels that have been provided with their existing KOWA sample kits, or by requesting additional satchels as required,” he said.
“Australia Post has also agreed to allow us a reasonable timeframe to exhaust existing Pre Paid stock on hand, as well as allowing any previous-system sample kits that customers may hold to be returned individually.”'
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