LBX Company, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Construction Machinery, headquartered in Lexington, KY and engaged in sales, customer support, will begin construction of a Customer Experience Center in Kentucky. The center will be used for product demonstrations as well as sales and service training related to the company’s excavators. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the site and was attended by the mayor of Lexington and other government officials from both Lexington and the state of Kentucky.
LBX Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Construction Machinery, and sells products in the US, Canada, Central and South America that include the Link-Belt brand of excavators, and excavator-based forestry equipment, demolition equipment, and material handlers. As part of efforts to expand the sales of these products, the facility under construction will offer demonstrations of the equipment to customers and dealers, and will be used by dealers for sales and service training. Demonstrations will also be possible that showcase the operation of ICT construction machinery, a sector that is expected to grow in the future.
LBX Company’s excavator sales numbers in the US, Canada and in Central and South America are increasing. The company is making advances in its technologies for conforming to emissions regulations, and its machinery service offerings, of which forestry equipment and demolition equipment form a large part and are becoming more complex. As a sales subsidiary with a direct relationship to a manufacturer, LBX Company has access to advanced expertise and technological capabilities, and is widely deploying these advantages on the front lines of its sales and service networks to achieve an even greater level of customer satisfaction.
Facility Overview (Name: The LBX Customer Experience Center)

Location : Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Start of construction : July 2018
Expected completion : Spring in 2019
Site area : 101,150m²
Product demo area (gallery stand), practice building, theater, classrooms, Reception room, gift shop, cafeteria