Wacker Neuson presents Battery-Powered Vibratory Plate


Wacker Neuson positioned itself as a leader in the area of emission-free compaction technology already in 2015 with the introduction of the first battery-powered rammer models. In 2018, the company is expanding the solutions of its zero emissions series to include the single-direction battery-powered vibratory plate AP1850e.

The zero emissions series from Wacker Neuson, with the green “e”, stands for zero emissions, more operating comfort and a high level of performance. The series is now being expanded to include another solution: the single direction battery-powered vibratory plate AP1850e. In addition to traditional compaction work of granular soils or asphalt and the vibration of paving stones, it also facilitates work indoors and other emissions- sensitive areas, such as in trenches and shoring. The battery-powered vibratory plate is also suitable for application in water protection areas, since no combustion engines may be used there.
“With the new zero emission vibratory plate, we significantly increase the economic efficiency of our customers, because they can use the same battery to operate the vibratory plate and the battery rammer from Wacker Neuson. We already worked together closely with our customers during the development process of the battery- powered vibratory plate AP1850e, which is now paying off,” reports Greg Tyerman, Product Manager – Compaction.
A major advantage of the battery-powered vibratory plate is its modular concept. The battery used and the battery charger are the same modules that are also used in the battery-powered rammers from Wacker Neuson. This increases flexibility and in particular the economic efficiency, as customers can use the battery in any one of the two units as needed and charge another battery in the meantime. The batteries can be removed without tools so that the operator can replace the discharged battery with a charged battery in a few simple steps. The battery system used was developed in-house by Wacker Neuson and has been specially designed for application on vibrating machines and for tough construction site conditions.
The electric vibratory plate is another step for Wacker Neuson to be able to offer a real alternative as an emission-free solution in every main product group in the near future. Already today, in addition to the emission-free compaction technology that includes the AS30 and AS50 battery rammers, Wacker Neuson customers get a battery-powered wheel loader and dumper as well as the mini-excavator 803 dual power. The 803 dual power can optionally be operated conventionally or emission-free using an external electro-hydraulic power unit.
Asphalt patching and repairs require fast and powerful compaction equipment to ensure the project is completed on time with a minimal amount of interruption to the traffic flow. With this in mind, Wacker Neuson has developed their range of rollers to help ensure deadlines are met. From a footpath, driveway, and car park or to a road, Wacker Neuson’s range of smooth drum rollers are designed and ideally suited for asphalting professionals. From their smallest single drum roller right up to their 4.5 tonne double drum roller Wacker Neuson have the solution for a wide variety of projects.
Uniform compaction, optimal driving stability, the three-point articulated pendulum joint on the RD18, RD27 and RD45 ensures a uniform weight distribution on the front and rear drum at all times. This also improves the maneuverability and provides for maximum stability when turning curves. Everything is perfectly within view with the specially designed, tapered design of the roller you always have an excellent view of the drum edges, the machine environment and the job site.
All of the Wacker Neuson models are ergonomically engineered and designed to help ensure the operator is as comfortable as possible and has controls at their fingertips. Regardless of which of our models you choose, one thing is certain, you will be impressed with the compaction performance of Wacker Neuson’s range of rollers, vibrating plates and rammers. Guaranteed!

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