The A60H is Volvo Construction Equipments largest articulated hauler to date. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, opencast mines and large earthmoving operations, the A60H’s long service life, quality, reliability and durability are everything you’d expect from a Volvo, making hauling easier and more efficient. Volvo CE has come a long way from its original 10 tonne articulated hauler in 1966 – ‘Gravel Charlie’. Over 50 years and 50 tonnes later, Volvo is still the world’s leading manufacturer of articulated haulers. Volvo invented the concept and has been developing these machines for over half a century.


Every cent counts when it comes to fuel efficiency, and Volvo’s investment into research and innovation in this area is reflected in their products. The modern design and powerful 16 litre Volvo engine of the A60H increases the machine’s capacity while improving fuel efficiency, so more can be moved for less. With built-in systems such as MATRIS™, CareTrack™ and the On Board Weighing System, site production is optimised whilst reducing operational expenses. Using the latest technology, the machine’s operational data can be analysed, advising on the best ways to increase profitability in all site conditions and operations. The On Board Weighing System guarantees the optimal load every cycle – maximising production, further increasing fuel efficiency and reducing the machine’s wear. Servicing the A60H is made quick and easy, with a front grill, which swings down, acting as a service platform with anti-slip steps. The electric hood opens to 90 degrees allowing full and safe access to the engine compartment.


Meet production targets faster with the A60H. Increase earnings with a higher payload and greater productivity for lower cost per tonne. It is the ultimate hauler featuring 100 per cent off-road performance, proven Volvo technology and impressive payload contribute to sustainable operations, year after year.
The A60H can move more tonnes per hour and gives 100 per cent in all conditions. The largest articulated hauler on the market, it has a bigger payload for heavy-duty applications, delivering up to 40 per cent more productivity than Volvo’s previous largest hauler. It also embodies the full articulated hauler concept, providing total versatility so customers can access the entire jobsite and climb steeper gradients. Work in all seasons, terrains and applications using tailored machine configurations and tires, all optimised for this 60 tonne machine.
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The ground breaking A60H features the latest innovations from Volvo. With matched drivetrain, automatic drive combinations, including 100 per cent differential locks, all terrain bogie, hydro mechanical steering and active suspension, this machine is unbeatable. Fitted with an active hydraulic front suspension for higher hauling speeds in tough conditions, the A60H optimises operator comfort and stability during travel, allowing more material to be moved in a shorter time for unmatched productivity.


When other machines are onsite, most operators prefer the Volvo. The centrally positioned seat, superior steering, excellent suspension, low noise levels, climate control, space and visibility all help reduce operator fatigue for more effective operations. Its superior levels of comfort, control, ease of operation and safety also appeal to operators, helping maintain productivity all day, every day.
The A60H’s dump support system, Hill  Assist and load and dump brake, all help the operator to stay in control at all times, for extra productivity and safety.
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A number of safety features such as superior visibility and efficient lighting help to keep the operator and people working around the machine safe in the most demanding working environments – whether it’s the operator, trainers, mechanics or site workers.


Founded in 1974, CJD Equipment is a privately owned Australian company whose core business involves the national distribution of construction equipment and trucks. CJD’s relationship with Volvo extends more than 25 years. This strategic partnership provides businesses with access to Volvo’s ever expanding line of construction equipment, with machines and features designed specifically to cater to the requirements of each particular industry segment. CJD Equipment’s dealer network is always there to support Volvo CE customers, with branches located throughout Australia. Together, Volvo and CJD Equipment offer a number of services including telematics machine monitoring and superb parts availability, as well as local knowledge and global experience. All of which optimises productivity, while minimising operational costs.