JCB’s 4 and 5 tonne excavators represent a new generation of compact excavators with greater control, efficiency, performance and strength. These excavators are highly productive, compact, agile, innovative and economical to own. They also have exclusive safety features, are smooth to operate and easy to service.
Mini excavators have been a part of the JCB manufacturing family for over 50 years. With all of this experience and insight, the latest JCB mini diggers are the strongest and highest performing of the next generation machines they have ever built.


With 500 hour greasing intervals on the boom and dipper pins and bushes uptime is massively enhanced compared with other brands. Easily accessible ground level daily check points and 500 hour oil and filter change intervals also reduce overall whole of life running costs. Comparisons show that these JCB excavators move more dirt in less time with less fuel.


With a finite element analysis-designed heavy duty structure as well as simplified H-frame construction, the undercarriage of these mini diggers are both durable and confidence-inspiring. JCB’s clean four-plate dipper design provides added structural strength and durability. There are no longer any plastic external body panels on our new small excavators; instead they have 100% high strength pressed steel bodywork making them robust and less susceptible to the cracking damage seen on fibre panels.
The heavy duty kingpost features durable re-bushable pivots to optimise service life on our new compact excavators. It also provides a safe route for all excavator hoses. The heavy duty boom cylinder guard and optional dipper and crowd ram guards give maximum excavator arm protection, by deflecting material or component impact away from the chrome assemblies.
Fold back your cab door and you’ll see that it fits snugly within the counterweight length. This keeps it out of harm’s way throughout the machine operation. The hydraulic system boasts the latest industry technology “O-Ring Face Seal” (ORFS) hydraulic fittings, providing excellent sealing capabilities. High quality 400mm rubber tracks with interlocking links will perform in even the most laborious applications. Specify our 400mm steel tracks and you’ll find they’re pre-drilled to make it easier to attach rubber pads. You can also opt for dedicated Road Liner Pads (Bridgestone GeoGrip™), which allow you to replace individual segments should you require. JCB only use trusted premium manufacturers including Perkins engines, Nachi and Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components and Bridgestone tracks.


These mini diggers have an even more spacious cab than before, with storage galore; a phone tray, stowage net and a cup holder. The whole area is accessed easily and safely via a large door. A radio, 12V phone charger, powerful heater with window de-mister and a high performing air conditioning system with 8 vents completes the picture. The innovative new rotary controller and the easy touch switches, have been thoughtfully designed for operational ease of use. With ergonomic electro-hydraulic dozer control as standard, operators can achieve smooth and precise grading control. Where dual control auxiliaries are specified, operators can easily select alternate quickly between single and double-acting auxiliary flow thanks to an intuitive control configuration. Operators can easily adjust and programme flow settings for specific attachments.
The new mini excavators now have the latest industry technology of digital screens available in the operating station. With a simple user interface, customisable home screen and specific diagnostic information, you are sure to find it a helping hand at work. These machines come immobiliser ready for increased machine security eliminating the possibility of an unauthorised start. JCB’s Livelink GPS monitoring system will allow you to set a geofence and machine working restrictions. A key benefit of the Livelink and immobiliser combination is the remote pin code management system, which allows you to remotely authorise or deny the usage of the compact excavator. Information such as service and machine diagnostics help the operator to keep on top of the status of the machine. Alerts and service interval countdowns will keep you up to date, and always one step ahead of the possibility of downtime.


For Stage 3A markets, we have a Perkins 404D-22 engine; a quiet 2.2 litre unit delivering 35.7kW at 2000rpm and reduced operating costs in a small, efficient package. Tracking performance is smooth and precise, ensuring high dozer capabilities and fast travel times. To increase productivity, our auto kickdown motors automatically adapt to changes in terrain increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary operator interaction with controls leaving the operator to focus on the job in hand.
These excavators produce high dipper tearout forces of up to 29.0kN; combined with fast cycle times and strong bucket breakout of up to 42.0kN providing unrivalled productivity. By perfectly matching our boom and dipper, we’ve created optimal dig end geometry, helping you to work and load in confined areas with ease.
A premium closed centre hydraulic system provides improved flow sharing for smooth, precise and balanced operation during multi-functioning. The programmable twin auxiliary lines provide high and optional low hydraulic flows to operate an array of attachments, increasing the machines versatility. Both auxiliary lines are electrically proportional controlled and fully adjustable for optimum attachment control. The optional 4-way dozer can be angled right and left which, combined with the dozer float function makes levelling and backfilling work incredibly easy, even on inclines and uneven terrain.
Our fully CE marked, factory-fitted hydraulic quickhitch is a factory configured standard and fully compliant with Australian standards. Our hydraulic hitch is capable of picking up a range of bucket pin centres, and may already compatible with your existing fleet of attachments.


The new compact excavator’s cabs are fully ROPS and TOPS compliant, for increased protection to the cab and operator. JCB’s safety lever lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to prevent unintended movement. Our unique 2GO system ensures your mini excavator hydraulics can only be operated in a safe lockable position via two separate inputs. Our DC model variants feature boom, dozer and dipper hose burst check valves (HBCVs) with an overload screen display makes operation safer. Overload screen displays a bar chart from green to red to indicate if the overload point is close or has been passed. Once passed, the buzzer sounds and the bar flashes to warn the operator.
Large track frame width and a low centre of gravity helps to ensure that stability is maximised on the machines. Optional LED lights accommodate the ‘follow me home’ function. When selected, the lights will remain on for 3 minutes even when the machine is switched off, illuminating the area and allowing the operator to get off the work site safely. These machines offer greater visibility than our outgoing models, thanks in part to a 70/30 front screen split; for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring.


Our below idle feature means that engine revs are reduced even further when the operators armrest is raised. Fuel economy and noise levels are both improved. Activate ‘One-Touch-Idle’ by pressing the new rotary controller dial. Just another way of reducing engine revs quickly and conserving fuel. Our programmable auto idle can be activated between 2 and 30 seconds after the controls have been inactive, to offer increased fuel efficiencies. Operators have four different power bands to easily toggle through and set to optimum hydraulic flows and engine operating speeds. This includes light, eco, heavy and heavy plus, all of which can be tailored to suit the application optimising performance and fuel economy.