Cat lauches Rental Power national accounts

Caterpillar Inc. recently launched a National Accounts VIP Rental Program to better meet the temporary power needs of larger businesses operating in multiple regions by offering superior resources and customized services quickly, conveniently and expertly.
The new program is designed to provide clients a streamlined approach to rental products by providing a single point-of-contact and single-agreement policy. Additionally, the program offers a 24/7 representative within the Caterpillar Customer Interaction Center to maintain continuity between the customers and dealer rental locations.
“This program is another example of the commitment Caterpillar is making to put the customer first, so it’s easier for them to do business with us and be successful with our products and solutions,” says Tom Frake, vice president for the Global Power Solutions Division at Caterpillar. “No matter the size or location of your temporary power need in North America, customers enrolled in this new program will find the personalized service they’ve come to expect from Caterpillar over the past 90-plus years.”
With the National Accounts VIP Program, each client is assigned an Account Manager to deliver individualized service. One master agreement covers all the client’s locations in North America ensuring they receive the rental equipment and service needed at all their facilities without the hassle of multiple contracts.
A streamlined billing system with 24/7 online account information is included, which itemizes bills by location simplifying expense tracking. Custom loyalty programs are also available for qualifying participants.
The Cat® Rental Power network of dealers represents the largest contingency of Power Systems solutions in North America with over 3 GW’s of mobile generators, 100,000 tons of cooling products and 2 million CFM of portable air compressors. This offering is reinforced by over 300 locations and 1500+ certified technicians to ensure the equipment is properly maintained and supported.