Techenomics delivered the good oil on its innovative, independent condition monitoring and fluid analysis services and complementary products during the Queensland Mining Engineering Exhibition (QME) in Mackay, Queensland.
Whether it’s your own pride and joy, the car used by your partner to carry the family around safely, a number of commercial vehicles, truck fleet, railway rolling stock, marine vessels or massive mining equipment, Techenomics’ services and products increase the performance of oil and lubricants. This leads to increased productivity, reduced maintenance, cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.
Techenomics had staff members on hand representing its global business. They explained and demonstrated how the company eliminates the unexpected and predicts the unpredictable. As well as telling visitors about the oil and fluid analysis which is the key element of the company’s preventative maintenance services, CEO Chris Adsett said staff outlined how Techenomics is serving client needs into the future by embracing digital data.
This includes increased digital data capabilities, development of remote sensors to enable real time data provision and upgraded Blue Oceans software capabilities. We also spoke to many QME visitors about the WS2 caged nano particles we distribute and which reduce friction and engine wear, thereby boosting the performance of oil, reducing maintenance, increasing fuel efficiency and limiting emissions.” Chris Adsett says these services are just as applicable to individuals who want better performance from their car engines as they are to fleet and equipment operators.
Techenomics Australia new business development manager Michael Noncic says the company’s services and products were well received from all levels of visitors, including operators and maintenance personnel, all of whom expressed interest in total cost of ownership improvements. They were interested in how Techenomics can provide better fuel economy; improved  productivity and uptime; and longevity of equipment life.
With the WS2 NanoLub technology, interest came from different market segments, with the mining and sugar industries most prominent, along with some hire fleet operators. Our real time monitoring developments were also of interest, particularly with the larger fleet operators who would see the most value out of such a service.Michael Noncic says the company’s independence from OEMs and specialised testing are important points of difference and these also proved of interest at QME.
Techenomics Australia operations manager Steve Adamthwaite says there was plenty of interest in the company’s booth at QME, where attendance was better than the previous show and exhibitor numbers were 35% better. There was a lot of mining industry optimism evident, he says. “Everyone is positive in the industry – lots of people remarked about jobs and money in the region.” He says the company’s car lovers promotion was well received with people interested in seeing how Techenomics products and services can make their car run better.
Individual car owners were offered a car lovers kit, including a 50ml bottle of WS2 additive and an oil analysis bottle along with instructions on how to take a sample and how to add the WS2 to oil as well as a return post bag. “Through testing in our laboratories and trials in the field and on the road, we have shown that our products and services enable clients to get more from their oil,” he says.