Kennards Hire Nifty HR21Kennards Hire Port Adelaide is the first branch to have the Nifty HR21 available for hire, answering the growing demand for a self-propelled boom lift that has a hybrid power system. Weighing just 6,640kg, the Nifty HR21 combines amazing weight and space saving design with an excellent turning circle to deliver outstanding manoeuvrability on-site and lower transportation costs.

As the ideal choice for indoor operations, the Nifty HR21 has a unique electric only mode to eliminate production of any emissions, additionally allowing a quiet and clean process. Plus, with a newly innovative Diesel Re-Gen feature, the batteries can be recharged without a main power source, giving the Nifty HR21 a ‘fast-charge’ when it is idle and the engine is still running.

Utilising a smaller, power-optimised TIER IV compliant engine, the Hybrid Power option is able to be supported by the machine’s battery pack when extra power is needed, ensuring seamless operation and performance while maximising fuel efficiency. With the ability to lift two people, including tools, to a working height of over 20m and an outreach of 13m, the Nifty HR21 is an excellent choice for successful operation.  Nifty Company Director, John King, said, “Although the Nifty HR21 is smaller than the average machine, it’s still robust enough to use both outdoors and indoors, eliminating the need to have two different pieces of lifting machinery on site.

Kennards Hire’s Port Adelaide Branch Manager, Steve Sharkey, said the market really needed a product with a smaller base and tighter area to be compact under roller doors, and the Nifty HR21 is the answer to these problems. I’m incredibly honored that our Port Adelaide Branch is the first to receive the Nifty HR21. With its innovative design and hybrid power systems, this self-propelled boom lift is a game changer in the industry and helps make reaching new heights a whole lot easier.