The new Hitachi wheel loader features highly durable components and performance-enhancing technology to boost productivity, and several design improvements that result in industry-leading safety for demanding job sites.
Following extensive research in Europe, the Hitachi development team has designed the new ZW-6 wheel loader range to answer the needs of challenging working environments. Demands for reliable performance without compromising on fuel efficiency, increased productivity, and concerns for safety and comfort, have all been carefully considered with the new ZW330-6. Ideal for quarrying applications, the ZW330-6 is powered by a new Stage IV-compliant engine for increased productivity and efficiency. It incorporates high-quality and robust components, and the cab offers the best all-round visibility in its class.

Increased productivity

The traction force of the ZW330-6 has been improved by 26% for a more efficient loading operation than the previous model. The wheel loader also has a quick power switch that increases engine output when more power is instantly required, or when driving uphill.

The lift arm contributes to the reliable performance of the ZW330-6. It raises quicker than the ZW-5 model, stops smoothly thanks to the flow control system, and is easy to control using the auto leveller. Simultaneous movement of the lift arm and bucket ensures a smooth digging operation. The bucket is prioritised after unloading so that the wheel loader quickly returns to digging, helping to increase productivity.

Engineered for efficiency

The lock-up transmission of the ZW330-6 reduces fuel consumption during travelling, which reduces running costs. It prevents energy loss in the torque converter by coupling the engine with the transmission, even during gear changes.

Another example of the technology incorporated within the ZW330-6 is the engine’s after-treatment device. Designed to reduce emissions, it consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst, urea mixing pipe, selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea into the exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide.

Built for durability

To withstand working in tough environments, the ZW330-6 has been designed with a new rear grille that prevents material from the job site entering the radiator compartment. It is also equipped with high-quality radiators that offer improved resistance to corrosion. A further example of its robustness is that the lift arm, and front and rear frame have been designed to handle the rigours of heavy applications. An optional belly guard provides added protection for the machine in challenging working conditions.

Superior comfort and safety

The cab of the ZW330-6 makes work more comfortable for operators, with excellent all-round visibility, improved sound insulation, and adjustable features that can be controlled from the multifunctional monitor.

The rear-view camera, curved engine hood, and repositioned exhaust pipe and air intake, all help to provide a better view of the operator’s surroundings. LED rear road lights increase the machine’s visibility on dusty job sites. The ride control feature ensures a smooth drive on all kinds of terrain by minimising machine pitching. In addition, Hitachi’s industry-leading joystick steering system (optional) provides effortless control.

Easy to maintain

To make maintenance and daily checks quick and convenient, the engine covers of the ZW330-6 open fully to provide easy access. The urea tank can be easily inspected from ground level. The battery disconnect switch – now included as standard – helps to avoid electrical accidents and retains battery energy during long-term storage.

With reliable features, durable components and advanced technology, the ZW330-6 demonstrates the high standards of quality in Hitachi construction machinery. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV Wheel Loader Product Manager Vasilis Drougkas says: “The ZW-6 wheel loader is exceptionally durable and reliable to meet the needs of our quarrying customers, enabling them to demand more from their equipment, without compromise.