Leading family-owned equipment hire business, Kennards Hire has placed in the top 10 for 2018’s Best Places to Work Study—a catalogue of the best 50 employers nationally. The Kennards family, board and employees proudly accept this accolade, seeing the win as a reflection of their family values in business and tireless dedication to a thriving and accommodating workplace.
The success of placing 7th in the study is a testament to Kennards Hire’s willpower and innovation to retain happy, engaged, loyal, high-performing workforces during challenging times. Kennards Hire’s General Manager of People and Culture, Sally Craig says that the win is a meaningful one for the business: “On behalf of every person working at Kennards Hire, we are delighted to be recognised in this year’s Great Place to Work Best Places to Work study. It is humbling to work for an organisation where culture and values isn’t just an HR initiative; they are lead and embraced by everyone who works at Kennards Hire, and known amongst our people as the ‘thing’, the ‘essence’ that makes this business special. At Kennards Hire, we believe that our people are the core of our success. We are a values led company, and our values form the basis of the decisions we make every day.
“This is a legacy of the first generation founders which continues on today, some 70 years later. This win reinforces that by listening and responding to feedback from our employees, everyone wins – our people, customers, suppliers and Kennards Hire. As a result we are able to retain and attract talented people, who in turn provide exceptional service and support to our customers and suppliers every day,” Sally added.
The Best Places to Work study is widely acclaimed in Australia. Based on one of the world’s most comprehensive studies of workplace culture by Great Place to Work Australia, the quality of this year’s study was higher than ever. “This is an exciting, transformative and competitive time for companies,” said Zrinka Lovrencic, MD of Great Place to Work Australia. “With a services sector heavy economy, employers now need to make a greater effort to improve their workplace cultures in order to retain employees. This competitive pressure benefits everyone, as all workplaces can increase their levels of employee engagement. The companies that have made the 2018 study have risen to this challenge and exemplify workplace culture excellence.