LiuGong Chairman honored with a Chinese Award

Organized by the International Cooperation Center of China’s National Development and Reform Commission & Silk Road International Productivity Cooperation Promotion Center, the First International Capacity Cooperation Leading Forum was held on 9th September in Beijing. The forum’s goal was to provide best-practice demonstrations for Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs to go global; improve the efficiency of international capacity cooperation and promote constructive proposals to ensure the execution of China’s national initiative, “One Belt and One Road”.

At the Forum, 16 outstanding leaders were honored with the “Leading Figure of First International Capacity Cooperation Award”. Chosen from 450 candidates, Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group Corp., was among 16 award winners honored.

At the round table discussion, Mr. Zeng Guang’an addressed “How Leading Corporations better fulfill the historic mission in National OBOR initiative”. Zeng introduced LiuGong’s global layout and emphasized the cultivation of LiuGong’s internationalized talent. LiuGong has 1500 foreign employees coming from 30+ countries, which is over 20% of the company’s employees. Over 80% of the overseas regional managers are forged and promoted from positions within internal production and sales departments. LiuGong, in one hand, has constantly cultivated the company’s leadership from front-line staff, and in another hand, insisted on recruiting local employees for the operation of overseas subsidiaries and hiring foreign senior management personnel to its China headquarters. This international talent has been a valuable asset and has played an indispensable role to LiuGong’s globalization.
In communicating with the media, Zeng Guang’an said LiuGong, as a construction equipment manufacturer, had taken on the globalization path earlier and had accumulated relative experience in the area. To LiuGong, international capacity cooperation is necessary; keeping innovation and R&D based on the needs of customers and markets is equally important. Speaking of localization, Zeng Guang’an explained that the localization of LiuGong is the localization of human resources, production resources as well as the management.
Not long after LiuGong started its international business, Chairman Zeng Guang’an sent a message to encourage development: “Nothing in the world can be accomplished by following stereotypes. Fight for it, and it will not be unnecessarily difficult.”  And so far, this is still the motto for LiuGong people to open up overseas markets. In 2003, led by Mr. Zeng, who was President of LiuGong Machinery at the time, a delegation went to Morocco in North Africa and laid the first brick of LiuGong’s internationalization by signing its first overseas dealer in the distant Casablanca, this is considered to be the start of LiuGong’s international business with localized product support. In 2005, LiuGong launched a slogan of “We are Global” and became an endorsement of Mr. Zeng Guang’an’s globalized vision and LiuGong’s ambition to take on the world.
After 15 years’ development in overseas markets, LiuGong has established one of the most extensive sales networks among Chinese CE companies, comprised of more than 300 distributors in over 130 countries, 9 overseas regional parts distribution centers, 12 overseas marketing, sales and service subsidiaries, 3 overseas manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centers. All close to LiuGong customers and its local markets. LiuGong’s excellent products and service are now available at each corner of the world. From the Amazon River to the North American oil and gas fields, from the hinterland of the Sahara Desert in Africa to the forests of Northern Europe, from the deserts of the Middle East to the wilderness of Siberia, and in the vast area from sunrise to sunset, LiuGong’s tough equipment is everywhere, working in the most extreme and remote areas challenged to do more with less. And where there is LiuGong equipment, there are LiuGong people. As Chairman Zeng Guang’an once said, “Internationalization is like planting trees, whether it is a desert or an iceberg, we must let them root deeply to germinate and grow, then let the trees flourish into forests.”
With 60 years’ heritage, LiuGong will embrace the new challenges and opportunities in the next cycle of 60 years and endeavor to become a world leading CE manufacturer.