Reiplant Hire gets first Dynapac vibratory rollers

Reiplant Hire is a rental company operating out of Perth, Western Australia. According to Mike Reilly, Managing director of Reiplant Hire, the decision to buy two vibratory rollers was made due to expected growth in the Western Australian construction market.

“We have invested in 22 new machines since January this year,” says Mike. “I’ve known the team at CEA for years so when I wanted to buy a roller I called them first.”
He adds, “I trust the CEA team and I know that they provide good service.”
Reiplant Hire is well known as a leading provider of wet and dry plant hire.
They have an extensive fleet of equipment and employ a team of very experienced machine operators. Reiplant Hire is an expansion of Reilly contractors, a civil engineering company operating for 9 years.
“We had always hired rollers for Reilly contractors,” says Mike “But this time we decided to invest in a couple of 7 tonne rollers.”
CA1500D Vibratory Roller
The Dynapac CA1500D soil compactors are vibratory rollers designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, compacting roads, streets and parking lots. Due to the small size and exceptional manoeuvrability, these rollers are also well suited for compaction on large building foundations and industrial construction sites and in cramped spaces in connection with refilling work. The rollers are also suitable for repair work and gives good manoeuvrability even on very steep slopes. All types of supporting and reinforcement courses can be compacted.
Your fifth generation Dynapac CA soil compactor is warmed up and ready to roll. Start compacting and the Dynapac CA roller, with Compaction Meter and Dyna@Lyzer, gives you continuous information on the increase in compaction and reveals weak areas. Compaction results are displayed on the computer screen, allowing you to focus the compaction energy on the ground surfaces that need additional compaction. The screen also displays the position of the roller in relation to a selected reference line for the section, so you always know precisely where you are.

The new CA rollers have static linear loads in steps of 5 kg/cm. This, combined with an optimum high amplitude, enables you to compact rockfill down to 1.65 meter with a Dynapac CA4000D. The better depth effect means higher volume capacity and less passes to reach compaction specifications, thus saving fuel and reducing cost. Environmental impact is also lower. If the roller is equipped with the Dynapac “Silent Weights” eccentric concept, this enhances compaction performance even further.
This feature on the new CA generation prevents damage and prolongs the lifetime of the roller by eliminating drum double jump, or over-compaction – an action that can destroy components in the machine. ABC is standard in Dynapac Compaction Meters.
The ergonomically designed, air-conditioned cabs on the new generation offer a high level of operator comfort and good visibility over the work area and surroundings. The noise level from the engine is very low. A feature unique to Dynapac CA rollers is a spin-around seat, steering module and display cluster, which allows movement of up to 180 degrees without stress to the neck or body.
Safety functions include Electronic Drive Control with a “quick brake” function, which shortens braking distances if the lever is moved very fast, and a tilt indicator. Loss of traction, even in the toughest conditions, is swiftly counteracted by an easy-touse toggling gear shifting system, or with an anti-spin system.
With Dynapac performance, you can achieve first-rate compaction results with maximum uniformity in terms of the bearing strength of each layer, with the best possible overall economy, i.e., lower cost per compacted cubic meter. Mission target reached!'
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