At Bauma China 2018 in Shanghai Liebherr showcases one of its wheeled excavators from the range for less regulated countries. The A 920 Litronic, which complies with the requirements of exhaust emissions Stage IIIA / Tier 3 / China 3, impresses with maximum mobility. Like all Liebherr wheeled excavators, the machine is ideal for construction sites with a high travel requirement. Several times a day the company demonstrates the benefits of its fully automatic Liebherr quick coupler system LIKUFIX with the A 920 Litronic. The A 920 Litronic for exhaust emissions Stage IIIA / Tier 3 / China 3 has an operating weight of 20,300 kg and an engine power of 129 kW / 175 HP. The machine is characterised by high mobility and versatility.

  • A 920 Litronic wheeled excavator for exhaust emissions Stage IIIA / Tier 3 / China 3
  • Operating weight: 20,300 kg
  • Engine power: 129 kW / 175 HP
  • High mobility and versatility

The model at the trade fair is equipped with a 2,550 mm wide undercarriage with outriggers at the back and a stabiliser blade at the front. The equipment is made up of a 5.40 m long adjustable boom, a 2.45 m stick and the fully automatic Liebherr quick coupler system LIKUFIX. In the demonstrations that take place, several times during the day, Liebherr shows how tool attachments/implements can be changed quickly and simply from the cab with LIKUFIX. During the demonstration a clamshell bucket is also used in addition to a classic backhoe bucket and a trench clearing bucket.

Mobile and flexible

The benefits of the Liebherr A 920 Litronic wheeled excavator are reflected mainly on construction sites with a high travel requirement. Longer distances can be covered within a very short time. The machine can move on its own axis to the next construction site, thus saving transport costs. Thanks to the rubber tyres the ground is protected and the A 920 Litronic can be moved to the next operation site with low noise. Liebherr wheeled excavators are manoeuvrable and efficient. That’s why they are used flexibly for diverse tasks. The machine concept of the A 920 Litronic is ideal for road construction, trenching and pipeline construction, as well as for classic earthmoving work. The configuration presented in Shanghai with an adjustable boom allows an extensive working range without whilst standing in one position.

Reliable thanks to top quality

Liebherr develops and produces all key components itself and boasts many years of experience. This allows optimal adjustment of all components to guarantee top quality machines. In order to ensure that the components also have a long service life, under the enormous strains in day-to-day operations, Liebherr tests and validates its machines extensively. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the A 920 Litronic offers maximum performance with superb efficiency at the same time.

Simple maintenance

The service-oriented machine set-up guarantees short maintenance times and minimises maintenance costs: All components to be serviced are clearly positioned on the right-hand side of the machine, can be comfortably accessed from the ground and are easy to reach thanks to the large, wide-opening service doors. Liebherr hydraulic oils have a very long life. This allows longer change intervals, thus saving time and money.

Diverse thanks to LIKUFIX

With the hydraulic Liebherr quick coupler system it is possible to change mechanical tool attachments/implements easily and safely from the cab. If the hydraulic coupling system LIKUFIX is added, then the quick and safe changeover of hydraulic attachments is possible at the touch of a button. On the one hand, this extends the diversity of the wheeled excavator and increases the productivity of the machines. On the other hand, the use of the Liebherr quick coupler system increases safety on the construction site, because there is nobody in the danger zone during the tool change. In addition, the tool wear is reduced, as the operator can switch to the right tool for the respective task quickly and simply.