TeleMaster: Continental and JLG sign supply agreement for telehandlers

Tele­Mas­ter: Continental and JLG sign sup­ply agree­ment for tele­han­dlers

  • TeleMaster tire is result of joint development of Continental and JLG
  • OTR tire combines proven Continental compound for solid tires reducing rolling resistance and heat build-up with a rugged off the road tread pattern

The TeleMaster is specifically designed with high traction, high damage protection and an outstanding service life.

​​​​​​​Hanover/Fort Mill, October 18, 2018. Technology company Continental and manufacturer of lift equipment JLG have just signed a supply agreement naming Continental the solid tire provider for JLG’s telehandlers for the next five years. During this period, Continental’s TeleMaster is given priority as the solid tire for all JLG telehandlers manufactured and sold.
The solid OTR tire was created in a joint development effort of Continental and JLG. Thanks to the proven Continental compound for solid tires, it comes with low rolling resistance reducing heat build-up. In addition, the tire offers a rugged tread to handle rough surfaces at worksites.
“The TeleMaster is a true win-win outcome of the collaboration with JLG”, says Pavel Prouza, head of sales and marketing, the Americas at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires. “Us at Continental were able to transfer and extend our sound knowledge of solid tire compounds from the industrial to the OTR tire segment, while providing JLG with a solution tailored to their individual needs.”

JLG was looking for a tire to suit its JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers. The company needed a hearty solid tire capable of heavy load bearing, traveling long distances and built with a rugged tread to handle the rough surfaces at worksites. After success with Continental’s SC20 tire, JLG and Continental worked to develop a custom tire with similar capabilities but equipped with a more rugged off the road tread pattern.
The key account manager for original equipment in North America, Carly Shipley, explained, “We take pride in working with original equipment manufacturers to develop a tire for specific applications. Our expert engineers work closely with our customers throughout the development process.”
The cooperation led to the development of the TeleMaster, specifically designed with high traction, high damage protection and an outstanding service life.'
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