So many of Australia’s iconic tourist destinations are found off the beaten track adding to the workload of regional councils charged with the responsibility for year round access along well-worn gravel roads.

Compaction is essential during maintenance grading to extend the life of the pavement and Broons has the answer with their proven eCombi Roller.

Situated in South Australia’s Southern Flinders Ranges, the District Council of Orroroo/Carrieton has their work cut out keeping up with maintenance grading. As the tourist season winds down harvest takes over so their unsealed roads take a year-long pounding but with Broons’ eCombi Roller now part of their maintenance grading, things are about to get easier.

“Much of the local road network is sheeted with good gravel but they can be subject to erosion during heavy winter rains if not compacted after maintenance grading. By towing Broons’ eCombi Roller behind the grader, Council is able to improve the road surface, reduce grading cycles and increase the efficiency of the grader”,says Broons Director, Stuart Bowes. “….. and it’s for this reason we designed the eCombi roller.”

District Council of Orroroo/Carrieton Manager of Works, John Schmidt, has received positive feedback from the Operators who can easily manoeuvre the eCombi roller on either the steel drum or the smooth tread compactor tyres. Changing between modes is a simple one step operation from the cab keeping the Operator safe and saving on time. Unlike self-powered rollers, the eCombi roller is easily towed between jobs along the sealed highway meaning quicker response times for emergency maintenance, an important factor when the world is at your doorstep and tourist dollars are so vital to regional communities.