Deep in Omaio Forest in New Zealand, Gaddum Construction is using two TA300 Terex Trucks articulated haulers to move end material and metal for road-building as well as shift logs. In spite of the slippery surfaces and steep slopes, the project is now close to completion, thanks to the durability of the Terex Trucks machines.

The small coastal town of Omaio takes its name from the Māori word for a ‘place of peace, quiet and tranquility’ – and it’s not hard to see why. It is located on the east side of New Zealand’s North Island, approximately 57 km east of Opotiki. Omaio has a lush, green landscape, picturesque beaches, and a coastline that attracts fishermen from all around the region.

Set within this idyllic backdrop, Gaddum Construction has been carrying out a hauling project on the steep slopes of Omaio Forest. The company, which specializes in the construction of infrastructure on challenging terrain, has been using two TA300 articulated haulers from Terex Trucks to shift metal, logs and end material for road-building.

TA300 articulated hauler

Stepping things up a gear

Operating safely at such extreme inclines on wet surfaces would be impossible for most machines, but not for the Terex Trucks TA300. “Our new Terex Trucks haulers have really stepped things up in terms of technology and operator comfort,” says Guy Gaddum, the company owner. “Having on-board scales really helps the operator utilize the truck at its capacity, without any compromise to safety or machine performance. And for the digger operator, Terex Trucks’ light system is great, too. It features bright LEDs mounted to the rear of the cab, letting the excavator operator know when the material being loaded is within the TA300’s maximum 28-tonne payload range, eliminating guesswork. The hauler’s ability to brake in very wet conditions is also impressive, particularly from a safety perspective.”

A comfortable ride

With its steep, muddy terrain, Omaio Forest presents a series of challenges in terms of operator comfort – but this hasn’t been a problem for the TA300. “I saw straightaway how the adjustable air seats and the underpinnings of the articulated haulers help keep the operator centered and level over rough ground,” says Guy. “After driving the TA300 for a couple of days, Mikey Shaw, one of our operators, refused to get out! It’s the comfiest place to be, especially on cold winter days.”

Gaddum Construction was established in 2006. Today, it employs around 25 people and carries out projects across Omaio Bay, Whakatane, Rotorua, Taupo, Thames and the Coromandel. Much like Terex Trucks, safety and environmental care are key to Gaddum’s philosophy. The company purchased its two TA300 haulers from Porter Equipment, the official Terex Trucks dealer in Australia and New Zealand since 2017. “We’re really happy with these trucks, as well as the great support from Porter Equipment that’s got them here and working,” says Guy. “Porter Equipment runs an awesome induction program as part of the handover process, and it’s really beneficial for our guys to get the most out of the trucks from day one. We have a great relationship with Craig and Matt from Porter Equipment and they’ve got our back should we need it.”


Designed to deliver

Made in Motherwell, Scotland, the TA300 has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes (30.9 tons) and a heaped capacity of 17.5 m³ (22.9 yd³). It is equipped with a Scania DC9 engine, giving it the power to perform in challenging conditions, such as those in the vertiginous hills of Omaio Forest. As well as being robust, the TA300 has also been designed to be comfortable. It is equipped with true independent front suspension as standard to enable excellent traction control and operator comfort, ensuring maximum productivity in the most challenging of conditions. An upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, adjustable armrests and heated seats all help to make the Terex Trucks articulated hauler as comfortable as it is powerful.