Volvo Construction Equipment’s new E-Series compact excavators are designed to tackle tough jobs in tight corners – while delivering everyday low operating costs.
The E-Series compact excavators by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) provide the agility and go-anywhere flexibility to squeeze themselves into the tightest of spaces. The EC15E, EC18E and EC20E are small but tough models that replace the previous D Series of excavators, while the short-swing ECR18E is a new addition to Volvo CE’s compact range.
The E-Series models have a common platform that is built with durability in mind. All round steel panels are safely recessed 10mm behind the Volvo exclusive high-profile cast iron counterweight, which ably provides protection and digging stability. With a machine height of a little over 2m and a variable undercarriage that can shrink to less than 1m – these new models can gain access to even the most confined of work areas. Once in position, the undercarriage can expand up to 1.35m for additional stability. The design ensures that the right frame corner, swing post and cylinder all stay within the tracks, resulting in maximum visibility and a reduced risk of machine damage when working alongside obstacles.Volvo EC18E

Safe and easy operation

It may be able to squeeze into tight spaces, but operators will find that the cab environment of these compact excavators is both roomy and uncluttered. With fingertip operation, a simple layout to the controls and large pedals, each new model is easy to operate – and offers smooth combined movements.
As with all Volvo machines, safety lies at the heart of the E-Series compact excavator range. A large entrance area and well positioned step and handrails help with entry and egress of the cab, and once in position the operator is secure, thanks to good visibility and a ROPS/TOPS/OPG1 cab and canopy as standard. Other security features include lockable controls that prevent movement if the operator is not sitting firmly on the seat, bright orange seatbelt and green flashing beacon that help site managers easily confirm that the seatbelt is being used by operators at all times.
Compact machines move around far more frequently than larger general-purpose machines, but Volvo has designed the E-Series to be fast, simple and safe to transport. These mini marvels feature automatic slew lock and four easily accessed tie-down points on the upper frame. Thanks to their light weight and the Volvo bucket transportation system, the machines can also be safely transported with up to three buckets and a hydraulic breaker on a compact truck or trailer.Volvo mini excavator

Light heavyweight

The EC15E compact excavator builds on the success of its predecessor, which was a proven and popular machine, particularly in the rental sector. Not only is it lightweight, it is also the smallest in the Volvo range, allowing it to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. While at work the EC15E comes into its own, and like its big sisters, provides the ease-of-use and durability needed to work hard all day, every day. Easy maintenance and repair minimize downtime, helping to deliver a low total cost of ownership.
Small machines, BIG performance
The EC18E and EC20E take performance to a new level, with a 13 per cent increase in tractive force and respectively 2,130kg and 3,120kg of combined digging forces. Their lifting capacity has increased by an average of 22 per cent at the front compared to the D-Series they replace, plus an extra 7 per cent at the side on the EC20E. The 11 per cent longer undercarriage of the EC18E contributes to even better all-round lifting capacity and stability, compared to the previous generation, with a 140mm increase in digging depth. For further flexibility, the auxiliary hydraulic flows can be independently adjusted in each direction, ensuring optimal speed and control, and a second auxiliary line is also available as an option.

Short swing, big potential

The ECR18E is an entirely new model and features a short-swing design. Able to fit into the tightest of spaces, the ultra-short tail design gives it the smallest radius in the Volvo range. The unit is highly stable all through 360o of superstructure swing, and its variable undercarriage can retract to just 995mm or expand to 1,352mm. Ideal for working on congested jobsites, the new ECR18E complements the Volvo compact excavators offer, which so far comprises seven short swing radius models, ranging from 1.7 to 9.5 tonnes.

The complete package for maximum profitability

The E-Series can be effortlessly maintained thanks to a hinged fuel tank unique to Volvo that offers up an impressive ease of access to the engine compartment, and easy-to-locate daily check points. A 50-hour greasing interval further contributes towards the best-in-class serviceability of these machines. The engine can also be fitted with auto idle and automatic engine shutdown features, which help reduce noise disturbance, service costs and fuel consumption – as well as ultimately ensuring a higher resale value. As with all Volvo models, the E-Series can be complemented with a range of attachments such as quick couplers, buckets, breakers, and Genuine Volvo Parts.