A Romanian construction firm has equipped its new ZX250LC-6 medium excavator with a Hitachi bucket and Genuine GET (ground engaging tools) to help improve productivity on a demanding project in the south of the country. The machine was delivered to SC Agremin Transcom 99 Srl (Agremin) in October 2018 and the excavator is helping to expand a car manufacturing plant in the town of Mioveni.

A versatile machine

Delivered by Hitachi’s authorised local dealer Utirom Invest Srl, the ZX250LC-6 is being primarily used for earthmoving, which begins with the precise excavation of topsoil. Trenches are subsequently created adjacent to the existing plant in order to lay foundations for the new buildings.
Once each channel has been excavated, a crane carefully lowers the supporting steel structures into place. Thanks to its versatility, the Zaxis-6 excavator is also being used to load trucks, level the ground, and perform grading when required. The ZX250LC-6 is typically required to handle dense material, which predominantly consists of rubble and other concrete debris.
Hitachi crawler excavator

A superior quality

“The size of the Hitachi bucket is 1.53m³ and I have been impressed by the high fill rates,” says Agremin’s owner Marcel Pruiu. “When compared to local manufacturers, it is clear that the Hitachi bucket is of a superior quality. Its configuration is perfectly matched to the ZX250LC-6’s capabilities and the digging force is excellent.”
“One of the most satisfying aspects about Hitachi ownership is the overall package it provides. I have been highly satisfied with the bucket, GET and the ZX250LC-6 itself. I insist on using Hitachi Genuine Parts to uphold the high performance of the machine, and Global e-Service to check the fuel consumption. I was pleasantly surprised by the value of the data to me as a business owner.”

Unique excavators

The ZX250LC-6’s operator, Nica Cornel, also believes that the Hitachi bucket and GET are positive features of the new machine: “The bucket is ideally suited to the work we are doing, because the breakout force and level of penetration are terrific. This is helpful when handling the tough materials.” In terms of maintenance, the teeth are straightforward to change and the wear is consistent.
“I have been an operator for 32 years, and I have to say that Hitachi machines are my favourite. Its excavators are unique because they are set apart by their power, low fuel consumption and reliability.”