Community panel to consider new way of paying for transport

Mitcham train movingInfrastructure Victoria has begun consultation with the community to inform its research into reforming how Victorians pay for the transport network.

The first meeting of Infrastructure Victoria’s community panel on transport network pricing was held last night, bringing together people from all walks of life to consider the question: Under what conditions, if any, would the community accept a change in the way Victorians pay for roads and public transport?

The panel will meet online and face to face over the next four weeks, hearing from experts, considering information on various topics and discussing the potential challenges and opportunities of transport network pricing.

At the end of its final meeting the panel will provide a report of recommendations to Infrastructure Victoria to consider. The panel’s recommendations will be used to inform the next phase of Infrastructure Victoria’s research on transport network pricing.

Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Officer Michel Masson said consulting with the community was a crucial part of Infrastructure Victoria’s role, and was particularly important for complex reform proposals.

“In our 30-year infrastructure strategy we recommended the introduction of a comprehensive transport pricing scheme within 10-15 years, because we think such a system could deliver profound benefits,” Mr Masson said.

“At the moment, what we pay for roads and public transport doesn’t fully reflect how, when and where we travel, meaning the system isn’t operating as efficiently or fairly as it could.

“We think there is a way of charging for our transport network which would be fairer and more efficient, as well as help tackle congestion and reduce environmental impacts.

“But this kind of change is complex and challenging and we need help from the community to understand how pricing reform could impact or benefit them.

“We are excited to be involving the community in our research because it’s essential that people have a chance to influence the recommendations Infrastructure Victoria makes about how our state’s infrastructure is managed,” Mr Masson said.

About the community panel

The panel is made up of 41 people who were independently recruited through a process that combined random selection and stratification to ensure it is comprised of a cross section of the community. The panel will meet for full day sessions on 23 February and 2 March before providing a report of recommendations to Infrastructure Victoria. This report will be published, unedited, on the Infrastructure Victoria website.

Observers are welcome to attend the community panel sessions.

To register to be an observer, or to learn more about the panel and our work on transport network pricing, visit

Media note: if you are interested in attending a panel session or interviewing a panel member, please get in touch via the phone number or email below.
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