May Asphalt Group chose the Dynapac CP1200W

Melbourne-based road and infrastructure specialist May Asphalt Group chose the Dynapac CP1200W.
May Asphalt Group Managing Director, Rick May, explained: “Together with our focus on quality and safety, we also place a significant emphasis on sustainability. We’re fully certified to ISO14001 environmental certif

ication, and as such, our goal is to minimise both the carbon footprint and environmental impact of every aspect of our operations.”
“Needless to say, that focus on sustainability not only covers the jobs themselves, it also extends to things such as vehicle movements and the impact of transporting equipment between jobs,” he added.
“After looking at the available options, we felt that the Dynapac CP1200W would provide us with the ideal solution,” Rick May added.

“While it has the weight, speed and manoeuvrability to handle larger overlay jobs, its compact size means it’s much easier to float between jobs – reducing transport costs, heavy vehicle movements and our overall carbon footprint.”

The smallest of Dynapac’s series of pneumatic tyre rollers, the CP1200W incorporates many of the features of the larger rollers in a compact, heavy-duty chassis. The CP1200W is ideally suited for jobs of all sizes ranging from small car parks and patch work to large highway works, and can be used for chip-sealing, compacting asphalt for sealing purposes, and to compact base, sub-base and stabilised soil.

Designed with a focus on robust performance and reliability, the Dynapac CP1200W is powered by a Cummins QSF2.8 Stage IIIA /Tier 3 producing an output of 55kW (74hp) @ 2200rpm. As well as helping to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce operating noise, the combination of the QSF2.8 powerplant and Dynapac’s smooth start-stop action help to maximise efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use.
Available with either ROPS or full factory air-conditioned cabin, the Dynapac CP1200W also comes standard with a 180-degree rotating and sliding operator’s station, this allows the operator to swivel the control console 90 degrees to the left or right side for maximum comfort and convenience. All switches and controls are clearly visible and within easy reach with the switch cluster following the seat movement, making the unit both easy and comfortable to use. The unit has also been designed for maximum safety, with the operator seat placed on slides, and the ROPS positioned so as not to obstruct the view. The operator can keep an eye on the finest details, while also being able to stay aware of movements close to the machine.

With the basic unit weighing in at 5,215kg to 5,570kg (depending on canopy / cab options), the CP1200W has a range of additional ballast options, including water, wet sand or Dynapac’s Flexible Steel ballast system, up to a total weight of 12,100kg. Importantly, the CP1200W has been designed to ensure that the ballast is distributed evenly to provide the same ground pressure on front and rear tyres, regardless of whether water, sand or steel is used.

“We’re very happy with the new roller,” Rick May said. “It has provided us with the ideal combination of size and performance, and the weight ratio marries up well with our steel drum roller.”
“Importantly, the new CP1200W is not only delivering great results out in the field, it’s also delivering a significant reduction in both transport and logistic costs, and our overall carbon footprint,” he concluded.

This article originally appeared in the Dec 2018/Jan 2019 edition of Highway Engineering Australia.

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