Bomag aims to make its maintenance and repair service even better and quicker for customers worldwide with a digital ‘Service Communication Platform’. 

Whenever required, development engineers investigate the problem personally and find a solution live and directly on site. This saves time, travel costs, and downtimes for construction machinery. In addition, the service case can be fully retraced and documented for all parties. The platform pools all files centrally and securely, including text, image and video files as well as chat history.

Digitisation offers many new opportunities – not least for accelerating and intensifying worldwide service. Now it is possible to consult specialists from Bomag or the OEM involved directly via video chat even in rare and complicated maintenance and repair cases. In the past, communication between service technicians, dealers and manufacturers often took place in parallel through various channels, with the result that the specialist first had to gain an overview of the current status on site. Furthermore, the affected machine was naturally at a standstill until the specialist arrived. Bomag is now bundling these interchanges with the Service Communication Platform. This means that all the parties involved are aware of any developments in the service case at all times.

Support via Remote Assistant is even easier and more intuitive with Smartglasses. The specialist sees through the service technician's glasses and can, if required, display information directly in the service technician's field of vision. At the same time, the service technician has both hands free to carry out the necessary operations.

Video chat and support for Smartglasses

Depending on the time zone, the local service technician can request immediate or prompt support via chat. With Smartglasses, the consultant expert can not only provide spoken support, but also look digitally through the technician’s glasses and display visual information in the field of vision to provide concrete assistance. The technician performing the work then has both hands free to carry out the repairs, and benefits at the same time from the expert’s know-how as if he or she were directly in the vicinity. The expert, on the other hand, can exploit all the advantages provided by an office environment, such as consulting colleagues or studying instructions and data sheets in peace. If required, it is also possible to ask the development engineers themselves for advice. This provides rapid solutions to problems, which in turn provide developers with valuable feedback from the field. This know-how then flows into the further development of Bomag machines, since the Service Communication Platform also serves as an information basis for the knowledge management system. Engineers can draw on this system to develop subsequent machine generations. Data Analytics and Big Data enable Bomag’s engineers to systematically identify practice-oriented optimisation potential.

The back-office specialist sees and hears everything needed to analyse the service case as quickly as possible - even if the construction machine is on a different continent. He or she can involve other colleagues, view service documents in parallel, and be in contact with the local service technician personally via video chat.