In recycling, demolition, construction and quarry sites, the success of the operation is depending more and more on the performance of the excavator.

The expanding array of specialist attachments are increasing the workload on the excavator arm and increasing utilisation levels of the vehicles for operators and owners.

Excavators make money at the front of the machine, on the excavator boom. For more than 15 years, this simple idea is what has driven Kemroc, the attachment manufacturer from Hämbach in Germany, to design and produce special tools for use on various forms of carrier vehicle such as excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders. With these specialist attachments controlled from joysticks in the cabin, it is literally in the hands of excavator operators to carry out very complex tasks under conditions that can be difficult and tight for space.  “Revolution of Cutting” – true to their distinctive slogan, the manufacturer continues on create a success story that is supported by numerous users worldwide.Applications for the new chain cutter EK 110 include trenching, tunnelling, embankments and civil engineering projects.

On display for visitors from all over the world, there will be several innovative attachments representing the diverse range designed for several different applications at their stand number FN.1019/5. Developed in cooperation with the specialist foundation engineering company Schönberger Bau GmbH; at the heart of their display will be KEMROC’S contribution to the SCHÖKEM process for the in-situ creation of soil/cement structures. A milling attachment fitted with a mixer chain, the KSI soil stabilisation attachment, which was also developed in collaboration with Schönberger Bau GmbH, works its way into the ground while mixing a cement suspension. In this way, without a need to transport huge volumes of material or exchange the soil, solid load-bearing soil/cement structures are created in the ground.Diamond cutting attachments are a completely new product from KEMROC. The KDS 30 is the first model in the range and additional models will be available in 2019.

In time for the world’s leading trade fair in Munich, KEMROC had expanded its existing product range and added completely new attachments for milling and cutting.  This includes, amongst others, the expansion of the range of patented chain cutters which are used for excavating deep excavations and trenches finished to the required profile for their total depth. The range of multi-purpose attachments with exchangeable cutter drums and wheels of various designs to suit different applications, has also been extended.

A completely new product on display is the diamond cutter wheel attachment that enable mid-sized excavators to work in a completely new range of applications.

A major benefit is the ability to work in tight spaces in demolition and renovation projects. For contractors working in landscaping and agriculture, the completely new range of compact stump grinding attachments will be of interest.