PRINOTHs Terminator for a recultivation project

In Australia, agriculture plays a major role as an important economic factor. Massive areas of the country serve as grazing land, where about 130 million sheep and more than 25 million cattle are reared. For comparison: Australia has approximately 24 million inhabitants.

It is precisely here, in the middle of the Australian fields, that PRINOTH is starting to use carrier vehicles for the recultivation of unused areas. In this project, old plantations of tree stumps, roots or the likes will be freed so that they can be used in the future as rural and agricultural areas. This is no easy task; but such applications require particularly powerful machines.

PRINOTHs “Terminator”

PRINOTH’s RAPTOR 800 was designed especially for the hardest tasks in the world. With its giant SB 1200 stump grinder, a so-called Stump Buster, the “Terminator” has been created for virtually all challenges and for the most difficult situations. Recultivation is arduous but at the same time, it is undoubtedly an environmentally-friendly procedure. First of all, the rootstocks on the surface are cleared and shredded. Then, the shredded material is worked back into the soil and thus returned to the ecosystem.'
Emanuele Giovannini
Digital marketing specialist, Heavy Equipment journalist.