More digital and more connectivity. This is the future for construction machinery and equipment, according to the major players in the sector. “We are going through a very positive market phase Looking to the future, we are thinking of making a great contribution to innovation, in alternative fuels, in independent driving”. in the construction equipment sector, a profound digital transformation is underway, which is rapidly changing the market. “What will change and is already changing is the way we use our machines and our equipment. Because what is modernity and digital transformation is coming in powerfully and has already entered both in the production and in the construction of our machines. And above all, it is entering decisively into the use of our vehicles”. there is also a growing demand from customers for connectivity, with machines that are increasingly productive and environmentally friendly. we have access to great skills and a large number of experiences in terms of innovation, propulsion and distribution systems. I think we can play a key role because we are very focused on intuitive technology for our products and the operating environment: these are the priorities of our agenda. I believe that we will have a leading role in this in the construction machinery sector”.