[Job Story] 2 Cat 740 for Greensill Farming

Greensill Farming Group confirm their commitment to safety with the purchase of 2x Caterpillar 740 Ejector Trucks

Earlier this month, Greensill Farming Group took ownership of 2 Cat 740 Ejector Trucks on site in Wallaville, Queensland.

Peter Greensill, CEO Greensill Farming Group, said that the decision to purchase these machines was driven by the consideration to improve daily production and the safety profile of the areas they work in.

“We selected these machines to minimize the risk of roll over, avoid overhead power lines, and also allow our team to control the delivery of the material onto the ground.” Said Mr Greensill.

“With the even delivery of the material, we are able to improve production time as we don’t need to run a dozer or compactor alongside those machines, there is virtually no carry-back, so payload and productivity are maximized.”

“The idea was to buy new so that we could lower our repair and maintenance costs on the existing fleets, have more uptime and to continue to drive productivity and efficiency onsite in the safest way possible.”

Cat Ejector Trucks are designed to dump material from the rear, without raising the body. This offers a safer, more versatile distribution across work sites.

Peter Duff, Operator Trainer with Hastings Deering, said that these trucks are so safe, that the machines will tell you if they’re going to roll.

“The machines keep the center of gravity low, they have stability monitoring inside the cab to allow the operators to see everything happening around the machine.” Said Mr. Duff

“It’s a no-dumper, so the ejector body will just push it straight out the back and run it out nice and keep your grader drivers happy.”

Hastings Deering and Greensill Farming Group both hold safety as an integral part of business operations. These machines are designed to achieve safe, reliable production and material delivery.

Source: Hastings Deering