If you want to improve the efficiency and safety of your landfill site, implementing a machine guidance system, such as Position Partners’ Carlson LandfillGrade, is one of the most productive ways to achieve this goal.

“The Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system helps our customers improve the efficiency and safety of their landfill sites through the maximisation of vertical space, leachate management, avoidance zones for gas wells and hazardous material placement and access to better, more accurate data,” said Andrew Granger, National Manager – Mining, Solar and Landfill at Position Partners.

To assist landfill site operators to achieve their goals, the Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system will assist in optimising the amount of soil used for daily cover (along with the introduction of an alternate daily cover system) and the compaction of waste to get the best value from each cubic metre of airspace.

The Carlson system has the capability to be installed on a wide range of landfill plant and has a demonstrated track record with Australian waste facilities.

Enhance the vertical space of your landfill site

Carlson LandfillGrade assists landfill site operators to maximise the void space of their landfill site through optimised compaction and increased density.

“Using Carlson LandfillGrade helps landfill site operators to enhance the vertical space of their site, the in-cab system means that machine operators don’t have to guess when they’re at optimum compaction – they know because the in-cab system tells them,” said Mr Granger.

This means that machine operators aren’t continuing to pass over an area after full compaction has been reached, this saves time, machine wear and fuel costs.

Improve safety on landfill site by setting avoidance zones

The Carlson LandfillGrade system from Position Partners increases safety on site through improved operator situation awareness and Fixed Hazard Collision Warning technology.

Improved operator situation awareness is achieved through the constant and accurate display of the machine’s position relative to fixed infrastructure or hazards and the Fixed Hazard Collision Warning technology provides audible and visual alarms when the machine gets too close to predefined hazards such as buildings.

Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners also aids leachate management through accurate and easy slope designs to control water run-off and minimise leachate for disposal or treatment. The technology enables the set-up of avoidance zones for gas wells and hazardous material placement and eliminates the need for staff to gain access to machines to upload and download data with wireless data exchange.

Get real time data on waste compaction and airspace utilisation

With the Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners, landfill site operators get access to the Carlson Command control, monitoring and data management system. This system transmits data between the machines and the office.

Carlson Command gives operators the ability to get real-time data on waste compaction and airspace utilisation. The Carlson system also provides instant feedback to the compactor operators so that they could both operate to design and know when optimal waste compaction had been achieved.

“Ultimately, data is supposed to make your life easier, not harder, so it’s important to get it working just the way it needs to, so that it enables productivity not hinders it,” Mr Granger said.

Bring Position Partners on site with you

Service and support are important parts of the Position Partners offering, along with capability and price. Customers have access to the local team of product specialists who can discuss how the system would be of benefit and optimise it to unique site requirements.

Once the technology is implemented, users will have access to Position Partners technical experts (either by phone or email) via Tokara Link remote diagnostics and telematics.

“Feedback from our customers has always highlighted the importance of timely and efficient support,” Mr Granger said, adding: “we’ve prioritised this with the development of Tokara, which enables our technicians to solve most problems without even visiting the site – the time and cost savings are huge.”

Tokara is designed to help you get the most from your landfill machine guidance with fast, comprehensive support when you need it. The service enables Position Partners’ technicians to connect directly to your machine via a small telemetry link to offer faster, hassle-free remote support.

Tokara puts as it were, a virtual Position Partners technician by your operator’s side.

Position Partners technicians are experts in their field and with the remote service capabilities enabled with Tokara Link, these technicians can solve most technical issues that arise without the need to visit the machine(s) in person, saving you time and keeping you within your budgets.

“Position Partners technicians are experts in their field and with the remote service capabilities enabled with Tokara Link, the team can assist customers quickly without visiting the machine(s) in person, saving you time and keeping you within your budgets,” Mr Granger said.

Taken from: PositionPartners