Palfinger announces new TEC and SLD models

Palfinger separates the new crane models into two ranges, SLD (Solid) and TEC (Technology), which differ in various technical aspects, but above all in their applications.

Cranes in the SLD range combine best-in-class Palfinger quality with a particularly attractive pricing strategy.

TEC cranes are customer-optimised products from the Palfinger Premium range that are designed for maximum performance.

Visually, the two ranges can be distinguished primarily by the profile of the extension boom system. Cranes from the SLD range have an extension boom system with a conventional hexagonal profile, while the TEC range is equipped with a teardrop-shaped, polygonal P‑profile. This innovative design results in a lightweight yet robust boom system, which maximises performance while maintaining a low dead weight.

PALFINGER PK 24.001 SLD 6 crane

The two Palfinger crane ranges are also different in terms of their preferred areas of application. SLD cranes are particularly suited to easy, everyday crane operations, such as unloading pallets on construction sites or grapple applications with bulk material. For complex, specialised crane operations – such as lifting jobs involving great heights in urban areas or installation work with heavy loads – on the other hand, TEC cranes are the ideal equipment.

SLD cranes are available with selected features focused on the specific application such as HPSC-Plus LOAD, radio remote control or A-HPLS. By contrast, a full range of comfort functions and assistance systems – such as P-FOLD, Soft Stop and RTC – are available for the cranes in the TEC range.

The new TEC models: 25–37-tonne-metre class

The high-tech TEC cranes offer a large selection of comfort and assistance systems. As with all the TEC-range cranes, the new models are based on the innovative P-profile. Ten new TEC models with all the features of a Palfinger heavy-duty crane will be available from 2019 – four of which have a continuous slewing system. PALFINGER PK 30.002 TEC 7

Fast and efficient with continuous slewing system

The new 37.002 TEC 7 and PK 30.002 TEC 7 models are equipped with the entire range of Palfinger assistance and comfort systems. Thus MEXT allows mechanical extensions to be monitored by sensors and taken into account in the overload. TOOL also enables additional devices connected via the multi-functional adapter (MFA) to be included in the calculation of the stability limit. Both models are operated via the high-tech PALcom P7 radio remote control, which was developed by Palfinger.

The TEC 5 equipment line is now available on the market for the first time. As with the TEC 7 models, there is also a large selection of assistance systems available for the PK 35.502 TEC 5 and PK 28.502 TEC 5 models, and they can be operated via the radio remote control provided as standard.

This covers a lifting capacity of 26.8 to 35.0 tonne-metres. The new models in the TEC  range also have an outreach of up to 21.6 metres, which can be extended much further using a fly jib. With a fly jib, the PK 37.002 TEC 7 can reach an overall lift height of 35 metres!PALFINGER PK 35.002 TEC 5

Two new fly jibs for TEC 5 and TEC 7 models

With the introduction of the new TEC models, Palfinger is also presenting two new P‑profile fly jibs – the PJ090 and the PJ075. Both fly jib systems can be used with all  new TEC 5 and TEC 7 models.

In addition to the new models with a continuous slewing system, the TEC range is being supplemented by six new models with a rack and pinion slewing system that will be launched on the market in the course of 2019. The TEC 3, TEC 5 and TEC 7 all have a slewing angle of 410°. With a choice of three equipment lines, users will always find the right TEC crane for their application.

The new SLD models: 20–25-tonne-metre class

With the SLD range, Palfinger offers robust cranes with excellent lifting capacity for simple loading tasks. From mid-2019, this range will also be represented in the higher 20–25 tonne‑metre segment for the first time with the launch of five new models. In steel construction, Palfinger relies on the tried and tested hexagonal profile for the SOLID range, whereby the SLD variants 1, 3 and 5 differ primarily in terms of their equipment features. Furthermore, the SLD range is being extended to include an SLD 6 version for the first time.

All five new SLD models are equipped with Single Link Plus, which can overextend by 15°. As a manually controlled crane without overload protection, the PK 21.501 SLD 1, which is available only as a non-CE version, is the basic version for all other new models.

The PK 21.501 SLD 3 has the same lifting capacity but is equipped with a PALTRONIC 40, which constitutes CE-compliant overload protection. The PK 22.501 SLD 3, the second crane developed purely for the non-CE market, features a manual HPLS. With the help of the A‑HPLS, the PK 24.001 SLD 5 can automatically provide more lifting capacity exactly as and when it is required. It is also equipped with radio remote control as standard.


SLD 6 with PALTRONIC 150

The PK 24.001 SLD 6 tops it all off. It is the first SLD model ever to be available with the pioneering PALTRONIC 150 electronic control system, which means that tried-and-tested assistance systems such as AOS can now also be used with cranes from the SLD range. In addition to the A-HPLS, fitted as standard, this model is equipped with the full version of the HPSC stability control system. It is also possible to integrate additional stabilizers in the HPSC without restriction with SLD 6 models.'
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