a 75–75 military transition scheme for LEEA 75th anniversary

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has launched a 75–75 military transition scheme as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations. In honour of this special anniversary, the 75–75 scheme will offer military leavers, veterans and reservists the chance to train and receive a work placement in our sector.

LEEA members will also be offering 75 work placements. Because of the nature of the association’s UK membership, these will be geographically dispersed across the entire UK – from Edinburgh or Exeter.
Working with the Careers Transition Partnership, who will find 75 recruits from the military, LEEA will provide FREE training – either
on current courses or on standalone courses for military personnel. LEEA
members will also be offering 75 work placements. Because of the nature
of the association’s UK membership, these will be geographically
dispersed across the entire UK – from Edinburgh or Exeter.

The placements are not guaranteed jobs but will offer the invaluable
experience of two days working alongside experienced staff.

“The result of this scheme will see 75 military leavers work-ready for
the civilian lifting sector,” said Ross Moloney, CEO of LEEA. “This
helps military leavers to more easily make the transition into civilian
workplace, while also providing an important pool of talent for the
lifting sector, thus helping to address our urgent skills sustainability
issue. We hope that our members see this as a chance to support military
leavers looking to become more employable, and we also hope that we’ll
be able to report that some of the 75 have secured employment with our

The Association has played a key role in this specialised field for over70 years, from training and standards setting through to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.

About LEEA

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across
the globe as the leading representative body for all those involved in
the lifting industry worldwide.
It is the respected and authoritative representative body for its
members who work in every aspect of the industry, from design,
manufacture, refurbishment and repair, through to the hire, maintenance
and use of lifting equipment.
The Association has played a key role in this specialised field for over
70 years, from training and standards setting through to health and
safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development
of examination and licensing systems.
LEEA represents its members at the highest levels across a range of both
public and private bodies, including various government departments, as
well as nationally and internationally recognised professional and
technical institutions.

Source: http://www.leeaint.com

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