Centaya drill combination goes passive

The Centaya 3000 Super harrow-mounted, pneumatic drill combi was designed, by use of the new QuickLink system, to fit on top of the new 01 generation rotary cultivators where the weight of the seed drill sits on the reconsolidation roller allowing the tines on the rotary cultivator to ride over stones without having to lift the drill.

However, for those growers who farming system does not need a PTO-driven soil tillage tool, the Centaya 3000 Super can also be mounted onto the new CombiDisc 3000. Featuring two rows of 410 mm concave, fine-toothed, boron steel discs, the CombiDisc is designed for either seedbed preparation following the plough or as part of a conservation tillage regime.

The 410 mm discs are designed with a high peripheral speed in mind and so an intensive mixing effect, the stagger on the discs and the distance between the front and back rows, has been optimised to ensure excellent seedbed preparation and a good through passage of soil and straw. Depth control for the discs can be either set manually, using a cartridge of depth adjusting spacer plates, or hydrau-lically by means of a hydraulic ram from the tractor seat; ideal where there is frequently changing soil types.

The discs run on oil-immersed, maintenance-free, twin row roller bearings which are filled for life and sealed against dirt ingress by a sliding face seal system. Each disc assembly is mounted on to the main frame by means of rubber suspension blocks. These rubber mountings ensure the optimum contour following across the full working width with the discs behind the tractor wheels being adjustable in depth to take into account any wheel marks left behind. Wheel track eradicators can be fitted ahead of the CombiDisc if required.

Plus, following on from the launch of the 3 metre Centaya 3000 Super, 2019 sees the introduction of the wider Centaya 3500 Super in a 3.5 m working width as well as the Centaya 4000 Super in a 4 m working width. Both these models are only available for use on a PTO-driven KG rotary cultivator.

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