Special truck IHC: adapts to the operator’s needs

Between special machines created by SPED department, electrical elevator truck IIHC stands out, expressly realized by Carer in order to guarantee exceptional trailer capacities.  

If the standard range of Carer elevator trucks represents the fruit and the synthesis of years of experience lived on the field with customers and their particular exigencies, SPED department of Carer is an open window on the future. The possibility of studying solutions of special handlings that could satisfy even the most complex requests in close collaboration with customers, is what frequently makes the difference between choosing Carer and adapting to what standardly can offer elevator truck’s market.

Under special machines, the customer projects the ideal truck for his own exigencies: our SPED department is just the instrument that Carer offers to his partners in order to transform ideas in reality.

As to witness the capacity of supporting the customer in each necessary request to satisfy the handling exigencies potentially existing in an establishment, Carer developed for IHC customer an elevator truck with 7 t capacity, extremely compact, even if equipped with solid tires, and designed to guarantee exceptional towing capacity.

The model realized for IHC is in fact capable to tow trailers without any problem on solid tires up to 60 tons. Moreover, on specific request of the customer, a new express dispositive has been studied, later applied on the back of the truck, which is capable of drive the elevator truck until the trailer hook with which it have to hook, through a keyboard. All in total safety for the operator and the work environment. A power and extremely efficient tool, umpteenth demonstration of the design flexibility of the SPED department.

Source: https://carerforklift.com/it/macchine-speciali