Wirtgen Compact Carbide (WCC) milling tools are unbreakable

Wirtgen develops special milling tools specifically for soil stabilization, a process widely used throughout the world.

Wirtgen Compact Carbine milling tools with the extremely robust carbide wire are especially suitable for stabilizing compact soils and mixed with large rock fragments. WCC tools are an important alternative to classic round shank teeth for these needs. Courtesy of www.wirtgen-group.com

It is the ideal solution for producing compactable soil with good paving properties from a sub-base with insufficient bearing capacity. Companies need to be able to process a wide variety of soil types, from “highly cohesive” to “interspersed with coarse rock” to “abrasive.”

The company’s range of picks for soil stabilization now includes Wirtgen Compact Carbide (WCC) milling tools, in addition to the point attack cutting tools with conventional carbide tips that have been widely used to date.

Thanks to the enormous strength of the cutting edges, the high break stability of the carbide cutters is particularly advantageous when working with large pieces of rock and can, therefore, withstand even the highest impact loads. Courtesy of www.wirtgen-group.com

Specifically for Soil Interspersed with Stones

Due to their shape and materials, Wirtgen’s newly developed WCC milling tools are perfect for mixing of cohesive soils interspersed with large pieces of rock. They have a highly wear-resistant carbide cutting edge that is nearly unbreakable and therefore impact-resistant due to the enormous strength of the material.
Depending on their application, WCC milling tools are a useful addition to the existing range of point-attack cutting tools.

Source: www.wirtgen.de

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