New innovations on the Fendt 900 Vario

Fendt is launching new innovative additions to its 900 Vario range to make it a top performer in its class. The new models are tailored to the individual requirements of large farms and contractors worldwide.

With its 5 models (930 Vario, 933 Vario, 936 Vario, 939 Vario and 942 Vario), the new Fendt 900 Vario sits in the power range of 296 to 415 hp (according to ECE R120), in the compact high-power tractor class, slotting neatly into the power range between the Fendt 800 Vario and the 1000 Vario. The new top model Fendt 942 Vario sees the 900-series venture beyond 400-hp for the first time.

As a popular all-round high-power tractor, the new 900-series generation is extremely versatile in its use. Made for heavy tractive or PTO work like wood chopping, the 900-series is also suitable for transport at up to 60 km/h. The low unladen weight of just 11.7 tonnes and the integrated VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system makes this series ideal for work with low ground pressure and high tractive power. Thanks to its modular equipment with or without rear power lift, rear PTO, front PTO, reversing driver station and a range of hydraulic, attachment and power lift models, it is compatible with all common attachments.

All models in the new 900-series are equipped with an all-new MAN 6-cylinder engine designed for Fendt, with a cubic capacity of 9 litres and VTG turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The change interval for the M3677 engine oil has gone up to an unprecedented 1,000 hours. The Fendt VarioDrive powertrain builds up together with the perfectly aligned TA 300 Vario transmission.

The Fendt iD low speed concept, geared towards high power reserves, is used in the 900-series for the first time. The nominal engine speed is 1,700 rpm. During idle running, the engine speed is a cool 650 rpm. The Fendt 900 Vario reaches a top speed of 60 km/h at a fuel-saving 1,450 rpm, 50 km/h at 1,200 rpm, and at 40 km/h the engine speed is just 950 rpm. The maximum torque of up to 1,970 Nm is just 1,100 rpm on the top-end model Fendt 942 Vario.

The tractor cab with all its controls, is the driver’s workplace. With the new Fendt 900 Vario comes a new class of cab, the Fendt Life Cab.

Introducing the latest connectivity to display machine data from the 900 Vario in realtime. With the basic ‘ready’ telemetry package, it has all the hardware you need to capture and send on the data for a variety of new services.

Fendt Connect is the central telemetry system for analysing and managing machine use. It reads, stores and evaluates machine data, sending data via the mobile network. This information helps you to manage your fleet wherever you are and optimise your machine settings.

Fendt Connect offers two uses for the customer – it gives them control of their machine data, and access to their dealer’s services.

As well as details about the machine’s position, it also collects extensive CAN bus data from the tractor. On the PC or via smart device, the vehicle owner can retrieve a wide range of information, including a map view showing the position and driving route of the tractor, fuel consumption, speed and working time of the machine, as well as machine use. You can also show error messages and service intervals.

With the consent of the vehicle owner, the dealer can also access the machine data. A quick overview of upcoming service intervals and reading error codes makes predictive maintenance possible in the first place. The customer always retains ownership of their machine data. Operating statistics and agronomic data are neither stored nor transmitted. The entire process meets the strict regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smart Connect is a service for the driver in the tractor. The driver connects an iPad to the Fendt 900 Vario via the machine’s internal WiFi.

Machine parameters, such as the tractor position, the worked area, speed, fuel consumption and engine load, are sent straight to the tablet during use. This display can be plotted on a map or as a graphical sequence for the last 60 minutes.

The tablet’s screen serves as an additional display area for the successful Varioterminal. Smart Connect assists the driver to show information that is purely for control purposes.

Smart Connect comes as standard on all ProfiPlus models.

The new Fendt 900 Vario was designed for heavy traction work on every field across the world. With its popular flange or bar axle, it offers a variety of different tyre combinations, especially in Europe. But in order to meet global requirements, there is also a 60″ track variant for the new series. This means that the high-power tractor can be used for row-crop applications, especially in North America. The front axle, designed to fully power the tractor, has been further developed. Maintenance-free double wishbone axles provide for hydropneumatic single-wheel suspension.

To bring the power to the ground, transfer traction and increase the footprint, a new large tyre has been specially developed for the new 900-series, with a maximum diameter of 2.20 m (750/70R44).

For the first time, there is an infotainment system offered as an option, operated on the tractor terminal. For the new high-end hands-free speaking system, 8 inter-communicating microphones were integrated into the sunroof, suppressing interference and making speech clearer. This provides excellent call quality even during field use.

You can also have a new radio built-in that gives you worldwide reception, as it includes all frequencies and sources (FM / AM / DAB + / HD radio). External audio sources (Bluetooth/USB/AUX-in) can also be played through the new sound system. This is available in two different versions – as an infotainment package with 4 speakers or as a premium version with a 4.1 sound system and subwoofer integrated into the soundbar. 2 antennas are built in at a 90° angle into the side window, ensuring outstanding, reliable reception.

ISOBUS attachments are intuitively controlled on the Varioterminal. With the help of TIM (Tractor Implement Management), the settings of the tractor and attachment optimise themselves to increase the productivity of a machine combination. With TIM-ready attachments, like the Fendt Tigo XR combi wagon, you can control certain tractor functions like the driving speed.

As well as the Fendt 900 Vario, the TIM-ready option is available on all series with the current Varioterminal 10.4″.

With just one push of a button, VariotronicTI can automatically activate the headland sequence. Use a combination of VariotronicTI automatic and the VarioGuide tracking system to activate individual sequences. Automatically activate the lowering of the rear hydraulics, for example, when you reach a headland position determined by VarioGuide. There is also a new automatic turning sequence VariotronicTI Turn Assistant, in which the machine follows the nature of the headland (geometry and size). As well as the Fendt 900 Vario, this option is available on all ProfiPlus versions with the current Varioterminal 10.4″.

As well as the conventional locking system with conventional key, the new series will also be offered to customers with a safety locking system and combined immobiliser. This system ensures the highest level of security against machine theft and unauthorised fuel siphoning. This coded key is for the cab door, ignition lock, bonnet and fuel tank (unique for that vehicle).

The new Fendt 900 Vario series will be available from July 2019 for delivery from the second half of 2019. At the customer’s request, Fendt Care can extend the warranty for up to 8 years or 8,000 operating hours.

source: Fendt Brand press office'
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