Clearer water trading with new irrigation tech

Checking the water market will now be as easy as checking the weather for Australia’s irrigators with the launch of a new app.

This week the launch of a new web and mobile app called Waterflow was announced.

It was created thanks to a $6 million investment from the Federal Government and economics firm Marsden Jacob Associates.

The app is designed to provide accurate, real-time information to show irrigators which broker is selling what water products, and where, including historical trade data so farmers can access the best process.

Waterflow is accessible by irrigators of the Northern and Southern parts of the Murray Darling Basin as well as in Victoria and South Australia.


“With Waterflow, irrigators and water market participants will now have access to an unbiased and up to date information covering all facets of the market,” Principal of Marsden Jacob Associates Simo Tervonen said.

The app delivers a catchment-by-catchment breakdown of how much water is available for purchase, incorporates inter-valley trade rules and an historical price register.

It also uses data from the Bureau of Meteorology to display dam levels and how much announced allocation is on offer.

“This technology is helping solve complex issues faced by the agricultural industry and will have a positive impact on farmers’ livelihoods and boost the economy,” Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said.

Minister for Water resources David Littleproud hopes the new technology can help calm some of the controversies surrounding the Murray Darling Basin and water brokers.

“This is a one-stop-shop of information giving irrigators real-time information so they can make the best possible business decisions,” he said.

“It puts the power in the farmers’ hands to get the best out of the water market in changing conditions.”

Not all water brokers have signed up to display their prices on the app, but brokers including Key Water, H2OX, Waterpool, Elders and Wilkes Water are on board. The app will not detail private ownership, including brokers.

Source: The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF)'
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