Firestorm launches AF-X Fireblocker in Australia

Firestorm had secured distribution of the AF-X Fire Blocker product for the Australian market.

Kieran McHatton, General Manager of the Firestorm Group, announced to his team and the market yesterday.

He said, “We have been talking to Frank Butterman and his team for nearly five years as they have been preparing the product for the market. The AF-X product has performed exceptionally well in the fire tests – so well in fact that the performance exceeds that of other aerosol generators on the market. The better performance relates to lower costs for the end-user as fewer generators are required to cover the risk area.”

Kieran has been in the Netherlands undertaking final product familiarisation and meeting with the business owners to discuss opportunities and international growth.

Aerosol generators are gaining market share over gas systems due to their performance, lower cost, and time to recommission after a discharge. Uses for the aerosol generators include marine engine spaces, data centres, electrical cabinets, transformers, document archives, switch rooms, and other enclosed environments.

Firestorm welcomes interest from all fire companies and facility managers looking to understand the new technologies and cost savings.

Emanuele Giovannini
Digital marketing specialist, Heavy Equipment journalist.