[Video] A Liebherr 9800 driven as a Lego in Australia

We found an amazing video: how the Lego Technic Control system was used to run a real Liebherr R9800 hydraulic excavator.

The Lego company invited Paul Sariel, a polish graphic designer, to participate in a project that called for operating the Liebherr R 9800, one of the world’s biggest hydraulic excavators, remotely using Lego pieces and Control+ app.The issue of Bluetooth’s insufficient range was solved by transforming the Bluetooth signal into a wi-fi signal and then back again.
Paul job was to build the mechanism for controlling the foot pedals and then controlling the R 9800 remotely.

The project called for using pieces from the 42100 set to control the real R 9800 excavator remotely using the Lego Control+ app.

Special thanks to Sariel’s Lego workshop: https://www.youtube.com/user/searme/f…

The final video

Source: Sariel.pl