The growth in the mining sector and the use of limestone guide the performance of the lime market in Australia

The lime market in Australia is majorly anticipated to propel on the back of robust mining activities, developments in the country’s construction industry, and major remodelling that is being practised by some of the active lime market participants based across Australia.

A new study reports that the market will reach the value of US$ 258 Mn by 2019 end. However, the overall CAGR will remain gradual, projected to be just-about 2% during 2019 – 2029.

Key Takeaways – Lime Market in Australia

  • Mining and metallurgy are expected to remain the prime application areas of lime. The construction industry will, however, emerge more prominent and profitable for lime manufacturers and other stakeholders in lime market of Australia.
  • Australia has been the backbone of the global mining industry and holds significant potential in terms of opportunity the market continues to push the growth of lime market in the country.
  • Slaked/hydrated lime is projected to gross sizable portion in the market, attributing to the more water retention imparted by the use of lime in the cement mixture mortar, the plasticity provided by the material, and several other quality benefits that are provided by the use of hydrated lime.
  • New South Wales is particularly expected to have a stronghold with a prominent position in the market owing to the rich mineral availability and abundance of mining activities in the region reflecting on the increasing requirement of lime for the application end-use segments, and thereby increasing the sales across Australia.

The strong growth perspectives in the mining industry and heavy use of limestone for the application amongst all the end-use industries are the driving factors directing the performance of Australia lime market. Furthermore, though the market continues to see sluggish progress over the years, our research strongly believes that the efforts that are being invested by manufacturers in accelerating the production rate and enduring overall production quality will augur well for long-term future of the market in Australia.

Courtesy of Persistence Market Research

Major Sales Driven by Imports

Australia lime market is a highly consolidated landscape as the top three market player’s account for more than 80% of the global value. If the current market structure is taken into account, the entry of any new market player is unlikely to happen and the establishment or emergence of any other player would be cumbersome. The market for lime in Australia is import oriented and the sales in the market are mainly expected to be driven by imported lime. The mining growth potential in Australia and the growth of construction activities in New South Wales and Victoria are anticipated to pivot the spurring growth of the market.

Key Players Striving for Reduced Operational Costs

The companies in the market are trying to develop their overall strength and reinforce their existing position in the market by the means of collaborations, mergers, and acquisition of the small entities and working to have a protuberant customer base in the region. The companies are also adroitly working to augment the efficacy of their production and reduce the operational costs which would help them achieve significant reduction without compromising on quality and the existent profit margin. It would also help them enhance sales of surplus production. The mineral-rich states like Southern Australia and Western Australia are expected to emerge lucrative owing to the abundance of mineral production in these regions. Some of the key market participants that the report covers include Adelaide Brighton Limited, Boral Limited, and others.

Source: Australia Lime Market'
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