Boral shares Australia’s heartache at the devastating bushfires across the country, and thanks everyone who worked to protect communities and support those in need.

A Boral water tanker assists farmers, National Parks and RFS tackle fires in the Snowy Mountains. Courtesy of Boral.

Some people have provided significant acts of kindness and community support. Their generous actions and assistance have enabled Boral to supply water carts, equipment and water from quarries to fire-stricken areas. A special thanks goes to the tireless work of all Boral employees in Australia who are volunteer firefighters and will receive unlimited paid leave while they support their local communities.

Boral’s Owen Harper and wife Taycee-Lea Jones have taken a lead role to protect the Wingham community from bushfire threats. Courtesy of Boral.

Boral is also supporting the Red Cross so that they can help fire-affected communities and will be working with Conservation Volunteers Australia to rebuild devastated animal habitats.

Boral’s water cart delivers water to fire trucks responding to a fire near Johns River township in NSW. Courtesy of Boral.

Source: Boral