[Job story] Hervey Bay chooses Avant loader: the most versatile compact loader

When Hervey Bay Nurseries, a commercial wholesale nursery in Queensland, had some incidents with their tractor FEL they knew it was time to look for a new machine.

The various loaders they looked at were big and clumsy, with noisy engines and closed cabins that were not ideal for the safety of staff on the ground or in high traffic areas.

“What we needed was a purpose-built machine that would be ideal for nurseries. I’d seen the Avant loader being used at nurseries in Victoria and decided to get Avant Equipment to our site for a demo” states Joe Archer, from Hervey Bay Nurseries. “Once we had seen the Avant loader at work in our own nursery, we knew it would be a great fit.”

Hervey Bay Nurseries decided that the Avant loader was the most versatile compact loader they could find to suit their nursery needs. The impressive lifting height and tipping load of the telescopic boom meant they wouldn’t need any ramps to drive up to the soil mixers. They could also use it for stacking pallets and loading trucks from either side of the truck.

“I realized that buying an Avant loader made financial sense for our business” advised Joe. “We would get a quicker return on investment because of the versatility of the loader.” With over 200 attachments the Avant loader can be used for many jobs around the nursery eliminating the need for multiple machines.

Hervey Bay Nurseries Site. Courtesy of Avant Equipment.

When discussing the benefits of owning an Avant loader, Joe stated that “the Avant loader is very easy to use and it’s small but can move mountains. We find because it is small, we can use it for tight areas and when doing soil mixes, the turnaround time is faster meaning less downtime when filling the mixers.”

The compact size and articulated body of the Avant loader make tight turns easy for operators to navigate freely among the plants and trees without damaging ground surfaces.

It was the knowledge that Avant loaders are manufactured to the highest standards in Finland, come fitted with a quality Kubota engine and have been represented by Avant Equipment in Australia for over 25 years, which gave Joe the confidence to purchase an Avant loader.

Low ground pressure, maneuverability, great visibility, and a huge lifting power make the Avant loader ideal for plant and tree nurseries. Courtesy of Avant Equipment.

“The Avant loaders are great machines – that’s why we bought a second one. We highly recommend these loaders for nurseries. We would love to buy the new Avant 800 series loader soon” advised Joe.

Low ground pressure, maneuverability, great visibility, and a huge lifting power make the Avant loader ideal for plant and tree nurseries. The Avant loader and specialized attachments can handle virtually all aspects of working a nursery. This multipurpose loader is a versatile option to keep plants or tree nurseries working efficiently. Whatever the task the Avant loader will exceed expectations every time!

“Thanks to Avant Equipment for introducing us to this great loader. Our nursery wouldn’t be as efficient as it is without this great machine!”

concluded Joe Archer.

Source: Avant Equipment