Rice Lake will display at ConExpo 2020

Rice Lake will display weighing and process control equipment for the construction industry at ConExpo 2020. March 10-14 at booth S-5922 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Rice Lake will highlight belt scales, overhead weighing systems, vehicle scale systems, and the CB-3 concrete batch controller.

The SURVIVOR® ATV Truck Scale. Source: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake belt scales accurately and efficiently measure a material’s flow across a conveyor belt and can be used for product dosing. The 311M Master belt scale weigh frame is ideal for belts that regulate a bulk flow’s capacity using measured value and controlled belt speed.

The 311M Master belt scale weigh frame. Source: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

The 311M is paired with Rice Lake’s 882D belt scale integrator, featuring iRite programmability for controlling product dosing or managing metering. Viewing rate, speed and time in any lighting condition is made simple with the 882D’s backlit LCD display.

MSI overhead weighing solutions are vital to material handling and industrial applications. Crane scales such as the MSI-4260 support medium- to heavy-capacity weighing needs, while the Dyna-Clamp tension meter effortlessly measures wire rope tension.

Rice Lake’s SURVIVOR ATV portable truck scale brings heavy capacity weighing to non-permanent sites, standing up to the tough demands of the construction industry.  ATV models fuse SURVIVOR’s signature strength and longevity with the added benefit of portability.

The SURVIVOR® ATV Truck Scale at work. Source: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

The Load Ranger wheel pad scale is ideal for mobile and temporary vehicle weighing applications, available with an optional remote display and printer. The TradeRoute HL Series is a Legal for Trade onboard weighing system well-suited for existing vehicles, helping drivers eliminate guesswork.

The CB-3 concrete batch controller is engineered for use at ready-mix and block concrete plants. An industrial PC enhances efficiency with the multi-window operation and simultaneous processability.

Source: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

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