Oilgear introduced its XD5 hydraulic pump, applicable on and off-highway equipment

Oilgear introduced its newest open-loop variable-displacement pump—the XD5 hydraulic pump. This is the first model of the XD series designed specifically to meet the demands of the mobile markets. The XD5 is applicable in on and off-highway equipment such as; mining trucks, haulers and dozers, excavators, and trenchers. The XD5 can also be used in on-highway vehicles such as; refuge trucks, snowplows, and any Class 8 service truck.

XD5 is designed for mobile and construction industries. Source: Oilgear

The XD5 is an open-loop axial-piston hydraulic pump with almost instantaneous response to system commands through a high-response, three-way, direct-acting control. The new pump is significantly smaller and lighter than its comparable pump line, the PVG series. Oilgear customers simply wanted the same durability and reliability of the Oilgear industrial line of pumps, in a smaller package to fit the specifications for on and off-highway equipment.

The heart of all Oilgear pumps, including the XD5, is its proprietary Hard-On-Hard Technology. This process enables Oilgear pumps to withstand continuous use in medium to heavy-duty cycles mitigating contamination risks which can lead to premature or increased maintenance and costly equipment downtime. 

“Our goal with the design of this new pump line was to bring durability, longevity, and simplicity to the mobile market,”

said Naimesh Davé, president of Oilgear. “Our team looked at what was currently already in the market and studied what worked and what didn’t work with similar pump designs. We had the core elements already in current pump lines, but it needed to be smaller and lighter. The engineers changed the orientation of the pump control to greatly reduce the width, length, and height. We were also able to make this pump 35 percent lighter, which is important for OEMs.”

Delivering for first-fit & retro-fit was another important consideration for the designers. OEMs are looking for hydraulic pump suppliers that can provide solutions for production, as well as aftermarket needs. The XD5 was designed to run on the broadest range of fluids without sacrificing performance.

The XD5 is the first of what will be five models in the XD series, ranging from 45 to 130 cubic centimeters.

XD5 operating specifications. Source: Oilgear

Source: Oilgear

Oilgear introduced its XD5 hydraulic pump, applicable on and off-highway equipment published on HeavyQuip Magazine.

Source: HeavyQuip Magazine

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