Anmopyc contributes to ease the worldwide health crisis

Spanish Industry contributes to ease the worldwide health crisis.

The Anmopyc member Capotex, is collaborating with the civil society working against COVID_19 developing and manufacturing a new product with the aim to overcome the situation.

On the basis of their belt conveyors covers, they are manufacturing isolated modules for several purposes: medical care, transit, and sanitary testing zones. The modules can be easily expanded and disassembled.

Capotex experience guarantees total quality and security.

As well the member Doga, has promoted an important initiative to alleviate the lack of respirators in hospitals.

Doga collaborates with various communities by supplying the motor that activates the respiratory mechanism.

Also, internally a group of Doga engineers has worked swiftly to achieve a functional respirator design including components made by 3D printers.

It has been tested by a renowned hospital with 10 units being produced for further testing.

Doga is proud to be able to collaborate to combat the health emergency caused by this global pandemic.


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