Spanish AUSA showcases its solutions for the construction market

Dumpers: robust, efficient and cost-effective

Dumpers are the flagship product of the Barcelona brand, with as many as 15 different models with payloads ranging from 1 to 10 tonnes, with several skip tipping options: front, swivel, and high-tip. These vehicles are outstandingly robust, safe, efficient, and cost-effective and they are suitable for work in the concrete sector thanks to the high cubic capacity of their skips and their power to handle any terrain.

There are also two transmission options for the larger models: hydrostatic, which is notable for having no gears and for braking when the accelerator is released, making it safer; and transmission with a torque converter, designed to cover longer distances when transporting materials and with more conventional mechanics.

Featured dumpers:

In the photo the D450AHG, with its hydrostatic transmission has its 4.5-ton (9,900 lbs) payload and 180-degree swing skip.

D450AHG: dumper with an articulated chassis, a medium payload (4.500 kg), and hydrostatic transmission. Suitable for small construction work due to its outstanding power-payload ratio.

In the photo the D1000AP, with a 10-ton (22,000 lbs) payload, it is AUSA’s articulated dumper with the highest payload, equipped with a front-tip skip.

D1000AP: designed to cover major construction projects, its powerful engine, torque converter transmission, and 4×4 drivetrain make it the best-articulated dumper to transport large amounts of loss aggregate in adverse ground conditions. It is the perfect dumper for major construction work on buildings and roads and in the mining industry.

All-terrain forklifts: compact, powerful and versatile

In its catalog, AUSA offers models with payloads ranging from 1.200 to 5.000 kg and maximum lifts ranging from 4 to 5,4 meters. Their reduced size and small turning radius give them excellent maneuverability on the toughest and steepest terrains. Add to this their exceptional capacity to move a large volume of very heavy loads and they can safely say that these are highly versatile vehicles that provide outstanding performance when moving goods.

Featured all-terrain forklifts:

In the photo the C250H, thanks to the transmission brake, it prevents the machine from moving under its own weight on slopes, without you even touching the brake pedal.

C250H: it offers a 2,500 Kg capacity, stability and reliability of a hydrostatic transmission, and the 4×4 FullGrip option. Thanks to this rough terrain outstanding performance and wide range of masts available, it can be used in many different applications.

In the photo the C500H rough terrain forklift, With its hydrostatic transmission, has the ability to move loads up to 5,000 Kg (11,000 lbs) in less than ideal applications.

C500H: all-terrain forklift with a payload of 5.000 kg. Used to quickly move bulky loads on construction sites. Its exclusive 4×4 drive allows it to handle any terrain. This is made possible by the high ground clearance design of the chassis coupled with the larger diameter wheels.

Telehandlers: the best alternative to skid-steer loaders

In its catalog, AUSA offers models with payloads ranging from 1.350 to 2.300 kg and maximum lifts ranging from 4 to 5 meters and their extreme compactness sets them apart from their competitors’ models. The boom being positioned on the side and the advanced cab make it possible to have a wide cab with very small overall dimensions.

Telehandlers are the perfect accessory for working with dumpers, outshining skid-steer loaders because of their greater flexibility and versatility, thanks to the telescopic arm. These vehicles also deliver faster operations and cause less wear on the surfaces over which they pass, thanks to the rotation of their wheels.

Featured telehandlers:

In the photo the T144H, with a spacious and functional cab. The design of the cab and the placement of the boom give the operator a 360° view, making the work environment safe for all involved.

T144H: The ultra-compact telehandler that allows you to tackle difficult projects with ease. Capable of lifting loads of up to 1,350 kg and with a total lifting height of 4 meters, thanks to its small size and a weight of only 2,400 kg, it is the only telehandler in its class that can be placed on a traditional trailer, making it easier to transport and reducing operating costs.

In the photo T235H, a versatile machine that can easily adapt to any terrain thanks to its 4x4x4 drive and the three steering modes: front-wheel, all-wheel, and crab mode.

T235H: The largest in AUSA’s range of telehandlers. Despite its compact size, it has a payload of 2.300 kg and a maximum lift of 5 meters, so it is very well suited to medium-sized works and maintenance. Its lightweight and four-wheel drive protect the surface better than skid-steer loaders.